What happens if I don’t play with my dog? What to Know

Should you play with your dog everyday?

That said, for a general guideline, dogs should get a minimum of two hours of dedicated social time with humans or other dogs on a daily basis, which can be broken up into chunks of time over the course of the day.

Active play helps keep your dog’s heart healthy, keeps the joints lubricated, and improves his overall balance and coordination. Mental health. Games with rules force your dog to use his brain, not just his body. This can help keep his mind sharp and focused.

The Importance of Play for Dogs

Play encompasses many areas of a dog’s life. It affects its physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. A 2017 study theorizes that play is essential for puppies because it teaches puppies to develop motor skills and coordination. Puppies gain much through experience and will learn important movements through play, like learning to control their bite and bowing to engage other dogs.

Play also provides dogs with opportunities to develop healthy coping skills that enable them to adjust and react to unexpected incidents and surprises. Play acts like a simulation that allows dogs to learn how to cope and interact with others and the environment.

For example, dogs learn how to communicate their dislike for roughhousing through play and can learn to remove themselves from unpleasant situations. This skill can then be used in similar life situations and help dogs find safety.

Dogs are social animals, and play helps them to learn social skills and maintain social cohesion in a pack of dogs. Just like how teams engage in team-building activities, play can help dogs bond and learn to communicate with each other.

Play isn’t just reserved for puppies that need socialization. Adult dogs also need to play and greatly benefit from it. It exercises their natural instincts, helps them stay physically fit, and strengthens their bonds with their owners. Playing with enrichment toys can also provide a healthy mental challenge and prevent boredom.

Do dogs get sad when you ignore them?

A lot of people get caught up in humanisations of dogs, so when they think about ignoring their dog, all sorts of connotations come to their minds. For instance – that it is mean to ignore a dog. That the dog will feel hurt, unloved, left out, jealous etc. … We are suckers for the puppy dog/sad eyes.

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