What is a bezoar in a dog? Here’s What to Expect

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    Acute gastritis in dogs comes on suddenly. It is the irritation or the lining of the stomach. The main symptom is severe vomiting. Other causes of severe vomiting are peritonitis and intestinal obstruction. All of these cases, and any other cases where vomiting is persistent, need to be consulted by your professional vet.

    Some common things that your dog can get into that will cause stomach irritation are grass, plastic wrappings, spoiled food, garbage, hair, and bones. There are also some drugs that will cause an issue. These include aspirin, NSAIDs, cortisone, butazolidine and some antibiotics. There are obvious things, like poisons, that will cause vomiting as well. Make sure you dog stays out of antifreeze, fertilizers, plant toxins, and weed killers. If you think your dog has gotten into any of these you need to contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Chronic atrophic gastritis is an issue mostly seen in Norwegian Buhunds. It is the thinning of the stomach wall.

    Under the guidance you your vet you can use a histamine blocking agent such as Tagamet, Pepcid, and Zantac. These are not approved for use in all dogs so be sure to talk with your vet about the best solution. Vets will sometimes also prescribe corticosteriods or immunosuppressive drugs.

    When dealing with a dog with any chronic vomiting issue, a veterinarian should definitely be consulted. They will start will switching to a bland, high carbohydrate diet. One good brand is Hill’s Prescription Diet or you can feed him a homemade diet that consists of boiled rice and cottage cheese. Also, instead of large meals, offer frequent smaller meals. Once he has recovered you can gradually reintroduce him back to a high quality premium dog food.

    Why does my dog keep swallowing and gulping?

    This is the discharge that passes from the nose to the mouth, causing the dog to keep gulping as they are constantly swallowing mucus. There are several infections that can trigger rhinitis and sinusitis, including viruses, bacteria, fungi or, especially in older specimens, tumors.

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    Dog stomach blockages (also called gastric outflow obstruction) occur when the stomach has trouble emptying its contents. The pyloric canal is a stomach outlet where inflammation and scarring block the pyloric canal. There are two forms, complete and partial.

    In younger dogs, a condition called pyloric stenosis, where there is a narrowing between the stomach and the small intestine is a common cause of any blockage. The condition causes fluids to accumulate in the stomach. When the dog vomits it results in the loss of fluid, causing dehydration and other symptoms. When the small intestine is obstructed vomiting also results.

    Conditions that block the digestive system and causes a dog stomach blockage includes ulcers and gastritis. Other causes includes: