What is dog etiquette? Let’s Explore

Supplies to pack for your dog

Always bring plenty of water, a travel bowl, training treats (if needed) and poop bags for your dog. And don’t forget to check the weather. If the event involves spending hours in the hot sun (or the freezing cold, or the pouring rain), your dog will likely be more comfortable and safe at home.

If you have guests in your home…

  • And your dog is overly excited to the point of making your guests uncomfortable, put your dog in the other room/outside. -Laura
  • Inform your guests beforehand that you have LARGE dogs. Some people have no problems with small dogs (less than 40 lbs) but are terrified of large dogs. This also goes for people that may have severe allergies. If they don’t know you have dogs, make sure you let them know. -Sara
  • Dog Etiquette # Know the house rules and limits

    Do you share your bed and furniture with your dog at home?

    Well, dont expect that the host will be as enthusiastic as you in allowing cats and dogs on the furniture.

    House rules may vary from one another, so you have to know what the rules are to ensure a peaceful and harmonious get-together.

    It would help if you didnt wait until your pet makes a mistake. You have to ask.

    Even if theyre also dog owners, they may have a different approach to their pets.

    For example, some owners use different can openers for dog food and human food.

    No matter where you are, you have to keep your respect and do as they wish.

    You may ask the following questions before making any assumptions:

  • Will there be any off-limits portions of the house?
  • What will your pet eat, and where will it consume it?
  • Is it permissible to use it on the furniture?
  • Will it be okay for your pet to interact with other pets and children in the house?
  • Is it permissible in the yard?
  • Where is it going to sleep?
  • Everyone will be happier if the rules are made clear from the start.

    For your part, be open about potential issues, such as your pet whining if you leave it alone overnight.

    With this new knowledge, it may be sent to the garage or even given free rein in the guest room so it can stay with you and keep the noise to a minimum.

    If youre honest, youll save your host from a restless night and potential mishaps.

    Accidents on the carpet, gnawing, and territoriality near food are all examples of this.

    With the facts in hand, you can collaborate to build a plan that works for everyone.

    Proper Dog Etiquette – On Leash Greetings

    Are you having second thoughts about bringing your fido with you on your family vacation, considering the dog etiquette rules?

    We dont want our pet to be a pain in others necks and end up ruining the supposedly festive reunion.