What is James Charles’s puppy’s name? Essential Tips

What are Jeffree Star’s dogs called?

This weekend (April 12) Jeffree announced that he had adopted TWO new Pomeranian puppies – Dominatrix and Dessert. And they look just adorable! And in January 2021, he started the year but adding another little pup to the family.

What is James Charles real name?

After much speculation, fans have concluded that the video was a joke and the pair are not dating. Larray is still dating his boyfriend Brady Potter who he’s been with since April 2019, and the pair are totally adorable. Sorry James and Larray shippers, they’re just friends!

However, what seemed like would cancel James Charles on Twitter had the opposite effect and his fans came out to support him instead. PETA wrote on the tweet: “Using a puppy for clout is anything but cute. Buying a dog when there are over 70 million homeless animals is just plain reckless.”

Recently, James Charles got a new puppy named “Theo” and while he is totally obsessed, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were not very happy by Charles decision. They called him out for buying a dog from a breeder and while it makes a valid point James Charles fans are in no mood to take it. They gave it back to PETA and Twitter is flooded with reactions. James already had a cute dog called ‘Finn’ while he also bought Theo. James introduced Theo via a video on his YouTube channel that he captioned SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy. However, James happened to get Theo from a pet breeder and PETA called him out on Twitter for buying a dog from a breeder instead of adopting one.

In the above tweet, a fan even called out PETA for not calling out Jeffree Star who is known to wear real animal fur on daily basis. Recently, James Charles was also accused of not havin been able to deliver his merch on time claim some of his customers, some of whom had ordered back in May. Yes, its been almost as late as four months that James Charles hasnt been able to deliver some of his Sisters Apparel. Customers took to Twitter to complain and said that its been months that they purchased the merch and havent received them as yet.

PETA also had attached a video without any trigger warning that many netizens made a note of. The video showed how dog breeders mutilate the puppies at an early and how they are tortured in the process. That so many celebrities buy animals and misuse them for the sake of clout. However, fans of James Charles were quick to support him while calling out PETA for isolating James Charles while so many other celebs do it too. Check tweet by one of the fans:

SURPRISE! We Got A New Puppy!!