What is the best family dog in Australia? Surprising Answer

The best family dogs for kids.

So if you’ve thought about the costs, training and exercise requirements and still want to introduce a fur baby to your home, how do you know what is the right breed?

Shannon says not every dog suits all lifestyles, and if we don’t get it right, it can cause issues for both the human and our furry family members.

“When it comes to families with children, breeds that are known to be patient, resilient and friendly are important to choose,” she says.

How To Find A Dog That’s Good For Families

Now that you have a better idea of what would make a dog good for your specific family situation, how do you find your ideal pup? At this point you have two options: find a responsible dog breeder or adopt a pup.

For first-time owners, we recommend visiting your local rescue centre before considering buying a purebred puppy.

Rescue and adoption centres are great to find family dogs because people there have first-hand knowledge of their dog’s personality. This is very different from adopting a newborn puppy, where your only indication of possible behaviours is the parent’s personality. If you get an older puppy (older than 6 months) they will already show their main personality traits, and you’ll have a better idea of their activity level, patience and overall character.

Another benefit of adopting through a rescue centre is that many times dogs found here have been fostered. This means they already know how to live in a home setting, and their foster family will have even more knowledge to share about their personality.

What to do if you want a dog with a clear breed? Then check out any local breed rescue. In Australia, there are plenty of breed-specific rescues dedicated to helping specific breeds and their crosses, mainly because of their local popularity. Unfortunately, the most sought-after a dog breed is, the higher their abandonment rate is as well. If you’re interested in any of the family dog breeds we mention in this article, we’ve already linked some local breed rescues you can contact. They’ll probably have some pups waiting for a home just like yours?

Finally, it’s important to consider dog adoption will give these pups a new chance at life that most of them have never been offered. Rescued pups were generally abandoned at some point, taken out of dangerous situations or just plain rejected by their previous family. Most adopted dogs are thrilled to share their lives with you and will be a great companion for years to come.

Cavoodles are low-allergy & full of love

A mix between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle, Cavoodles are perfect for those looking for a small, fluffy bundle of love that will adore you. Theyre low shedding, so theyre a good option for allergy-prone families and families that like to keep the dog hair on the furniture to a minimum. Their temperament is laid-back, intelligent and loyal, and although they can be lively, theyre perfectly content lounging around with their owners. Making them a wonderful choice for families with young children and older relatives.

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