What is the best supplement for dogs coat? Tips and Tricks

Zesty Paws Omega Bites Skin Health

Zesty Paws Omega Bites are a delicious way to improve your pooch’s overall health. They contain ingredients that help to relieve hot spots and dry, itchy skin while supporting joint health, immune system function, and cardiovascular well-being. It’s important to note, though, that these chews contain natural chicken flavoring as opposed to real chicken.

  • Ingredients. Zesty Paws Omega Bites contain pollock oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and biotin, a great combination of ingredients.
  • Consistency. These chews are consistent in size and shape.
  • Palatability. This supplement is highly palatable. The dogs loved ‘em!
  • Smell. The dogs loved the meaty smell of these chews.
  • Packaging. This product comes in a sealed plastic container with a screw-on lid.
  • Safety. Though Zesty Paws Omega Bites do contain palm oil, they’re safe for pups.
  • Our veterinarian Dr. Irish likes this product from Zesty Paws. As a company, they have a great track record, positive reviews, and a fantastic list of ingredients. That said, she did note the addition of palm fruit oil, which can act as a laxative.

    11 Best Coat Supplements For Dogs

  • natural antihistamine relieves allergy symptoms
  • prevents hair loss, hot spots, scabs and itching
  • antibacterial properties help protect the skin
  • more wagging, less scratching
  • If your number one priority is keeping your dog’s skin healthy and itch-free and its coat lustrous and smooth, the Pawfy Skin and Coat Dog Supplement will do just that. Some dogs are more prone to skin allergies than others. Therefore, to prevent them from having flaky, bumpy, and coarse skin and coat, you need to give them an omega-fatty acid-rich supplement.

    This dog supplement has three beneficial oils, salmon oil, primrose oil, and sunflower oil, which is also rich in vitamin E that improves the skin’s appearance and the smoothness of the coat. Additionally, it contains organic turmeric, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    With these natural ingredients, this supplement will keep your dog’s hair from balding, skin irritation, and uncontrolled itching. Pawfy Skin and Coat Supplement also offers natural allergy relief using an antihistamine safe for your furry friend. Therefore, it will prevent your dog from scratching its skin over and over. The customers also mentioned in their reviews that when they gave the treat daily, their dogs’ skin improved in just a couple of days.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients safe for dogs
  • It has no fillers, which can save your dog from digestive problems
  • You can save more money by buying multiple jars (as low as $20/jar)
  • All products and ingredients are sourced from the USA
  • It has antibacterial properties that help protect the skin
  • It controls shedding and prevents scabs
  • Cons

  • It is not proven safe for pregnant dogs
  • Some dogs do not like the vegetarian chicken taste
  • It is not yet available in other flavors
  • Dog Skin and Coat Supplement Buyer’s Guide

    What is the best supplement for dogs coat?

    The SECRET To A Healthy And Shiny Dog Coat!

    Dog skin and coat issues are unfortunately pretty common. Though a variety of issues can cause itchy skin in dogs, allergies are a common culprit. Around 10 percent of all dogs suffer from some type of skin allergies (1), and environmental allergies in dogs are on the rise (2). Skin infections or parasites could also be to blame for itchy skin, which is why it’s always important to visit your veterinarian to figure out the underlying cause before trying any over-the-counter remedies.

    If your dog has allergies, he may relentlessly itch and scratch or chew his fur, leading to bald spots and dry, patchy skin. This is where a high-quality dog skin and coat supplement may help to reduce itching and inflammation and alleviate discomfort. Learn more about the potential benefits and how to choose the best skin and coat supplement for your dog.