What is the hardest command to teach a dog? Here’s the Answer

What Is the Hardest Dog Breed to Train?

Some of the hardest breeds to train include beagles, Basset hounds, Chow Chows, Afghan hounds, Chinese Shar-Peis, Bullmastiffs, Siberian huskies, and American Pit Bull Terriers.

Open The Door (Tug / Tugging)

Heres another more simple and easy command among these hardest tricks to train a dog – simply opening the door (called tugging).

Despite its simplicity, your friends will be impressed when your dog knows how to open the door.

However, not all dogs can easily train this trick as factors like size, height, and handle type will matter.

Skateboard Photo credit:

Smaller breeds such as bulldogs and pugs are perfect for this trick as they have a lower centre of gravity. Start by introducing your dog to the skateboard gradually.

Some dogs can be terrified of a noisy, moving object that has the ability to chase them, so it is important to break them in slowly.

Place the skateboard upside down on a carpeted surface to allow your dog to inspect it at his own pace. Praise and reward him for any interest he shows in the skateboard. Spend a few sessions simply doing this and gently spinning the wheels to let him get comfortable before proceeding to the next step.

Turn the skateboard the right way up, and start slowly rolling it away from your dog on the carpeted surface. Never roll it directly towards your dog as this may spook him. Take the skateboard outside, and continue rewarding your dog every time he shows interest or touches the skateboard.

Slowly begin to entice your dog to mount the skateboard. You may have to give your dog some gentle encouragement at first by lifting him onto it. Once he stands still, reward him generously. Begin to build up your dog’s confidence before graduating to pushing him on the skateboard. Once he feels safe and secure, gently roll him forwards and backwards whilst praising and administering treats.

The MOST DIFFICULT dog training command!

Or, perhaps you want to train an older adult dog and you’re wondering what dog training commands you should teach.

Dogs of any age who are healthy can learn dog training commands. An “old dog” can learn new tricks!

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Commands are a way of communicating with your pup. They help teach him the rules and what’s expected of him.

Commands can come in the form of verbal commands or in the form of hand signals. Dogs read our tone and body language.

They can learn many words when taught what they mean. One of my dogs even learned to perform different behaviors for over 170 words.

Using consistent hand signals can also be taught. Hand signals can be useful as they often can help a dog pay more attention to the training. They’re crucial in training deaf dogs too.

One of my senior Shelties became deaf at around 14 years old. Because she knew hand signals and to watch for them, I was able to take her places and knew she would respond even off a leash.

Hand signals also are useful for training in loud environments and for distance work. Dog training is a little bit like stacking blocks. The more a dog learns, the more he can learn.

For more detailed information on raising and training your dog, check out our puppy training 101 page.