What is the most popular miniature dog? Get Your Pet Thinking

Yorkshire Terrier: Small and Sweet

Yorkies are small dogs to begin with, but the teacup variety can be as little as two or three pounds! These sweet little tan and black dogs are hypoallergenic and make excellent apartment pets.

Originally bred to be rat chasers in factories, Yorkies are full of energy and have a distinctive bark. They are affectionate, playful, and very protective of their owners. Yorkies do require some grooming upkeep, but there are a variety of cuts to choose from, including babydoll and teddy bear cuts. Some keepers also choose to let their silky manes grow long. They are very agreeable to being dressed up with topknots, bows, and festive Christmas sweaters, and they are the perfect snuggly accessory.

Maltese: Perky and Playful

The miniature Maltese is a cheerful, energetic breed, fit for couch cuddling and high society alike. Their beautiful coats can grow long and shiny with the right attention, making them gorgeous show dogs.

These fluffy pups are great family pets and like to be indoors, which is perfect because they shed only minimally. Maltese dogs relish attention from their owners and enjoy being compact-size companions.

These little white snowballs dont require much exercise, but they do love to go on short walks and show off simple tricks. While typically friendly and social, they like to rule their domain and are great at alerting owners to doorbells or unwanted visitors.

These dogs get their name from their perky, wing-like ears that look like a butterfly. Theyre known for being exceptionally smart dogs and easy to train. Plus, theyre perfect lap dogs at five to 10 pounds in size.

This terrier breed love to cuddle while you watch TV and are also amazing housemates and watchdogs. The AKC describes Bedlington Terriers as “lithe, energetic Englishmen.” These dogs are perfect for a super active family thanks to their charming and fun energy.

Originally bred to accompany the ruling classes of ancient China, Pekingese are charming, confident, sophisticated dogs with an undying loyalty to their owners. The stocky, compact breed weighs up to about 14 pounds, standing up to 9 inches high.

With their playful and adoring personalities, Cocker Spaniels are great dogs for every kind of pet parent. Theyre easy to train as companions or athletes, though they are considered the AKCs smallest sporting spaniel, standing at 14 to 15 inches and around 20 pounds.

Known for their lively, curious demeanors, Russell Terriers pack a lot of personality into their small, rectangular bodies. Theyre just 15 pounds max.

These Are 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds