What kind of dog is tramp in the new movie? Expert Advice

Do any dogs die in Lady and the Tramp?

Nutsy is the only dog known to die in Lady and the Tramp. Nutsy is one of only 2 known characters to die in Lady and the Tramp, the other being The Rat. Ironically enough, both characters are also killed.

Interesting Facts about Lady and the Tramp

Many adventures take place in Lady and the Tramp, and you might be surprised about how much you don’t know about the movie. Here are a few facts about the movie that might interest you:

  • This fictional story was based on a real story about a dog trying to cope with the presence of a new baby in the household.
  • Walt Disney’s hometown inspired the movie’s setting.
  • The studio typically had dog visitors so animators could use them for references while creating the movie.
  • Walt Disney himself named Tramp, but before doing so, the dog went by several different names, including Rags, Bozo, and Homer.
  • Other animals like a pet duck and canary were set to make their debut in the movie, but they didn’t make the cut when all was said and done.
  • Disney was actually against the spaghetti scene because he didn’t think that it was realistic for two dogs to willingly share a strand of pasta. But an animator created the scene so Walt could see the experience in action, which resulted in him relenting and allowing the scene to take place. Good thing, since it’s one of the most popular scenes in the movie!
  • What kind of dog is Lady in live action?

    True to the original, Lady is portrayed by a purebred cocker spaniel. Though you likely don’t recognize the dogs on the poster, you may have heard of the voice actors who will bring them to life: Justin Theroux is playing Tramp and Tessa Thompson is Lady.

    The real Lady and the Tramp on Red Carpet + Trailer Disney+

    Even if you haven’t seen the movie, The Lady and the Tramp, you’re probably familiar with that famous scene where the two dogs share a plate of spaghetti. When you’re little, it’s the ultimate romantic scene.

    Well, it almost didn’t make it into the movie because it was rumored that Walt Disney didn’t believe two dogs could romantically share a strand of spaghetti. It’s a good thing he was proved wrong by our two dog leads, right? So, what breeds of dogs are our two talented leads? Lady is an American Cocker Spaniel, while Tramp is a mutt and likely has a lot of Schnauzer in his genes. Read on to learn a few facts about the two cute dogs.

    While Lady and the Tramp wasn’t released until 1955, the idea for the film came about in 1937. During this time, the American Cocker Spaniel was the most popular breed in the U.S., and it makes sense the leading lady was one.

    They’re happy, busy little dogs and are generally well-behaved, but it’s recommended to socialize them early to prevent any fearful or anxious behavior. The breed has been used as therapy dogs because of their happy and kind natures.

    The story artist Joe Grant came up with the idea of Lady and the Tramp and was inspired by his English Springer Spaniel, also called Lady! Other celebrity owners of American Cocker Spaniels include Oprah Winfrey, Charlize Theron, and the 37th President of the USA, Richard Nixon.

    Tramp is a mutt, which makes him a little harder to place in terms of his breed. He’s drawn to look remarkably like a Schnauzer. In the live-action version, the film team searched for dogs that resembled their cartoon counterparts. For Lady, they found an American Cocker Spaniel called Rose from Texas, whose family was looking to rehouse her. For Tramp, they picked Monte, a dog from Phoenix that is most likely a mix of Schnauzer and German Shepherd.

    The Schnauzer and German Shepherd mix combine two very different-looking dogs of German heritage. Both canines are known to be fearless and highly intelligent. Puppies from a mixed litter can look different, and temperament can also be inherited from either parent. In terms of this mix, the Schnauzer and German Shepherd share some of the same qualities, like intelligence and loyalty.

    They can be excellent watchdogs but can become overly protective, wary of strangers, and overly territorial. To ensure your puppy is friendly and confident, it’s important to socialize them early.

    Schnauzers have strong personalities and are independent, playful, and loving. German Shepherds are confident, brave, and gentle pets, which are all traits Tramp possesses.