What kind of dog will keep coyotes away? A Complete Guide

5 Best Guard Dogs For Coyotes

These are the top 5 that will Protect You Against Coyotes. Each of them has different characteristics and abilities that you can know below so that you can choose which will be the best guard dog for you!


It is called a giant dog for a reason, their weight could go up to 200 pounds. With their robust build, muscular body, and history of being a war dog. The Mastiff can protect and guard your home whenever coyote attacks are going to happen. Their massive head and appearance can instantly scare people which is a good quality of a guard dog.

The dog is oftentimes aloof but you can find them warming up to strangers after knowing them for a couple of times. In addition, despite the dog’s capabilities and strength, it remained kind and affectionate towards its family. If you handle the dog properly plus training and active exercise, they can be good guard dogs and family pets to your household.

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#9 American Staffordshire Terrier (AKA “Pitbulls”)

Can a pitbull kill a coyote? I’d bank on it, though there is a chance they’d get seriously hurt or killed in the process. Coyotes are tough opponents, and many pit bulls aren’t as big as the other dogs on our list. It’s a tossup.

The correct terminology for the “pitbull” is “American Staffordshire Terrier.” Though, they are commonly mixed with other fighting breeds by criminals who operate dog rings.

I call them Pitbulls. You call them what you want.

Pitbull males weigh 55 to 70 lb

Males stand 18 to 19 inches tall

Pitbull females weigh 40 to 55 lbs

Females stand 17 to 18 inches

Life Expectancy: 12-16 years, or sooner if they go up against the wrong Coyote.

What kind of dog will keep coyotes away?

The pitbull has been bred as a fighting dog for over 100 years. They are tenacious and can rip other animals to shreds! That said, they’re not as good at hunting as the Mastiff and larger livestock guardian dogs.

They still have a-rockin’ chance to win in a coyote fight, though. If I had one, I’d be careful with that.

I can’t say I recommend it, but if you have a pit bull and a coyote problem, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind.

They can easily rip other animals apart, but their agility when chasing down prey isn’t so good. They are also much smaller than livestock guardian dogs, like the Great Pyrenees.


If you have a home that is frequented by coyotes, you know how dangerous they can be. Coyotes are known for killing pets and wildlife to survive.

If you want to keep the coyotes away from your property, there are certain breeds of dogs that will kill them!

The Great Pyrenees is the best dog breed for protection against coyotes but here are the top 12 dog breeds for killing coyotes:

If you live in a rural area, it would be best to get one of the larger breeds mentioned above. If there are coyotes around your property that come and go often, we recommend getting at least two dogs!

Typically, the dog breeds that are meant for guarding sheep and livestock will be your best best. These breeds are more likely to take on a coyote than smaller and medium sized dog breeds because they are larger, stronger, and more aggressive.

The majority of breeds on our list are used as livestock guardian dogs and hunting dogs.