What new tricks can I teach my dog? Simple and Effective Tips

Yes, your dog may already shower you with kisses on a daily basis, but now you can actually teach them to kiss you on command.

Once they continue to paw, begin to use the command “Shake,” and after repeating it several times, your dog is sure to learn a brand new trick. Follow the instructions in the video above for more details.

The instructor in the video above shows you how to begin with treats and eventually get to a verbal command only. However, getting your dog to spin with a verbal command only can be pretty difficult for beginners, so even if you get your dog to spin with a hand cue or treats, it’s still an accomplishment to be celebrated.

The video above walks you through the training process step by step, showing you how to eventually work up to the final kiss. For this trick you’ll need something sticky like tape or a post-it, treats, and a clicker.

The secret is that your dog will already naturally paw at you if they want something. When you present a closed fistful of treats, your dog will likely be compelled to paw at your hand since they can’t get the treats with their mouth.

Dog trick #3 – Roll over

Teaching your dog to roll over can be challenging for some dog more than others. It requires a high level of trust from your dog because rolling on to their back is a vulnerable position for a dog. So make sure you practise in a calm and safe environment and take your time with this dog trick.

Here are our 10 favourite dog tricks:

Shake hands (or a paw shake!) is a popular dog trick and is usually the first trick most people teach their dogs. This is an easy trick to teach and most dogs pick it up really quickly.

Top 10 Cool Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Once youve mastered the basics of dog training—sit, down, come, stay—you can move on to the fun dog tricks. Teaching your dog to shake, roll over, spin, beg, or take a bow are mentally stimulating for the dog, a good way for you to bond, and reinforce the basic commands. Even a beginner can teach a puppy or adult dog to do fun tricks.

Plus its a lot of fun to train a dog some cool dog tricks to show off for friends!

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