What should you not do before a puppy gets shots? Here’s the Answer

Most of us know that we need to socialize our pups. But did you know that socialization needs to start early? And that it is critical to socialize your pup before he or she has the full set of Parvovirus and Distemper vaccines? So how can you safely socialize a pup before he is fully vaccinated?

Are you concerned about socialising your puppy before their vaccinations?

The majority of vets advise that puppies don’t go outside before they’re fully protected against disease. But keeping your unvaccinated puppy inside all day could hinder them later in life–which is why you’ll need to start socialising them as soon as possible.

In this guide, we’ll share:

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Why should I socialise my puppy?

Before they’re fully protected with their vaccinations, your puppy is cooped-up all day. They don’t get to see what the outside world looks like (unless they’re playing in your back garden), and don’t have the opportunity to socialise with other dogs.

…That’s dangerous. Unsocialised puppies can be aggressive when they’re adult dogs, which could explain why 33.7% of dog deaths were linked to undesirable behaviour problems.

But without socialising your puppy throughout this all-important socialisation period, they won’t have the skills they need to interact with other dogs safely, might be fearful around other people, and likely be frightful of everyday things outside of the safety of your home–such as cars, loud noises, or children.

Anything unfamiliar to an adult dog will cause anxiety–which is why you should start to socialise your puppy as early as possible.

Professional dog trainer Danielle Mühlenberg explains:

Socialization is the single most important time in puppy development. The goal here is to let the young puppy positively experience as many situations as possible to boost his confidence and prepare him for the environment, including other dogs, people, places, and sounds.

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