What small dog breeds are best suited with cats? Find Out Here

BeagleBeagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they’re already open to sharing their space with other animals and people. Unlike Snoopy, who merely puts up with Woodstock, beagles in real life thrive on interaction with other dogs, pets, and people, making them a top candidate for dogs that get along with cats. Though your cat might wonder

What small dog breeds are best suited with cats?

1 Shetland sheepdogAnother member of the herding family, shelties think the world of their family, including little humans and animals alike. Because of that, they likely won’t be hung up on herding your cat as long as they get their exercise in and put their sharp intellect to use, uncovering treats with

What small dog breeds are best suited with cats?

You may think that being a hunting dog, the beagle will not be up for sharing his home with a cat. Not so. Bred to hunt in packs, this can be a distinct advantage when it comes down to cohabiting with other species. Enthusiastic beagles may be tempted to chase a cat outdoors but when indoors, this easy-going affable breed will be keen to snuggle up with even the grumpiest feline.

This pretty little companion dog is perfect for the feline home. Originally the prized lap dogs of Chinese emperors, they are well tolerated by their feline siblings due to the fact that they consider themselves far too important to get involved in unnecessary skirmishes with the lower orders of the house.

This little white ball of fluff is definitely a kitty’s best friend. Small enough to not be intimidating, they are loving and very affectionate. Often found chilling out with their feline brother or sister, they just want to love and expect that in return. Bichons can become a little too clingy, however, and the more aloof feline may find their neediness a little off-putting.

Even for those moggies and mutts who get along perfectly, we are sure that the feline members of your family would love some alone time where they can relax without a dog in tow. Why not leave them in the capable hands of a cat-sitter or cattery and take your hound away for a break?

There are certain breed groups that are more inclined to tolerate or dare we say it, even love the waggy-tailed member of the family. Ultimately, however, the relationship between a cat and dog is very much dependent on the character of both concerned and the manner in which the two are introduced and managed. But which are the dog breeds that best get along with cats? Two ideal types of dog breed groups for cat lovers are the toy and sporting groups:

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Friendship doesnt always come easily to a finicky feline, especially when the potential pal in question is a drooling dog eager to explore his new home and get up close and personal with his more reserved roomie. Unfortunately, not every home will be a harmonious fit for Fluffy and Fido, but dual dog/cat lovers need not fret. Cat owners wishing to add a dog to their home just have to be willing to put in the time to find a cat-friendly dog for their existing feline family member. The best dogs for cats are those with relatively relaxed personalities and a willingness to learn desired behaviors from their owners.

“The personality traits which help dogs get along well with cats include gentle nature, low energy, low prey drive, low drive to chase, trainability, easily motivated with food (this helps pet parents train the dog to be calm around the cat), and low drive to bark,” says Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, board-certified veterinary behaviorist at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service.

Though every dog and cat is different, the best dog breeds for cats on our list tend to display many of the desired traits to fit right in with even the fussiest of felines.