What stores do they let dogs in? Simple and Effective Tips

Are There Grocery Stores That Allow Dogs?

Since you spend so much time browsing the aisles at the grocery store, itd be nice to bring your dog along for your frequent trips. Sadly though, no major grocery store chains allow pets inside, unless they are service animals. This is mainly due to local, state, and federal health code rules, which prohibit animals from being indoors wherever food is sold.

10 Dog-Friendly Stores in the United States

These stores welcome pets and their parents with open paws. Just make sure you know the pet policies and rules for each before you venture in.

In addition to Petsmart, most (if not all) pet stores will likely allow you to bring your pooch with you. After all, its a store full of treats, toys, and goodies for your four-legged pal, so why shouldnt they be able to tag along in the fun. At Petsmart, pups must be leashed or in a carrier and updated on their vaccinations. They likely wont ask you for proof, but have it saved on your phone in case they do.

If youre in the market for feed, gear, or a new pair of overalls, youll likely trek your way over to Tractor Supply Co. This national retailer is a fan of all things outdoor—and floofy! They allow well-behaved pups to shop alongside their parents as long as they stay on a leash.

Specialty stores like Apple, Hobby Lobby, and T.J.Maxx allow pets.

Bringing my dog to the Apple Store, a craft store, or a bookshop sounds like a dream to me! Did you know pets can go inside Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Barnes & Noble, too? I brought my doggo into O’Reilly Auto Parts once, and the whole staff gathered around to teach him a new trick and reward him with treats.

I checked around and found a wide range of specialty stores that allow pets:

What stores are pet friendly?

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