What the most expensive dog? Let’s Explore

When certain dogs win, it often propels the breed into instant popularity and makes them one of the most expensive dog breeds to own. Show dog or not, the English Bulldog has a lot going for it, especially if you love a low-key dog with a cute brawny frame and an adorably wrinkled face.

With a similar resemblance to a greyhound, this unique long-nosed dog breed is ultra-lean and uniquely elegant. At first glance, the Azawakh looks like it missed a few meals, but this leggy and slim breed was well suited for chasing gazelles in the sands of the Sahara for more than 1,000 years.

They are lovey-dovey and gentle with humans of all ages, making for enthusiastic playmates for kids and adults. They do get bored easily, though, so they’ll fit best with people who have time to provide ample exercise and loads of mental stimulation, whether it is hide-and-seek outside or a fun and challenging dog puzzle inside.

With an enormous fluffy face, this authentic Chinese dog breed has a lot of unique features befitting an expensive dog breed, for example, a cool, dark blue-purple tongue. Then there’s the famous scowling expression it sometimes wears, even when it’s happy. Strong-willed, independent, and often aloof, the Chow Chow’s vibe is similar to that of a cat. It is endearing and perplexing at once. Fastidious like cats, Chow Chows don’t have offensive doggy odors when they are brushed often.

Before Akitas had an official breed name, they were referred to simply as “snow country dogs.” Their dense undercoat, raised outer layer of fur, and webbing between their toes served them well while hunting in the snowy mountains of Japan. Nowadays, these authentic Japanese dog breeds are better known for being devoted watchdogs and protectors, but they still prefer the cold over hot temperatures.

Canadian Eskimo Dog – $8,750

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is one of the oldest and rarest working dogs from the Arctic and were brought from Siberia to North America by the Thule people over 1,000 years ago.

Their number began to diminish toward the end of the 1960s due to the increasing popularity of snowmobiles and the spread of infectious canine diseases.

Now threatened with extinction, with an estimate of only three hundred purebred dogs left, you can see why they command such a large price.

1 Akita – $6,500

The gorgeous Akita is the embodiment of “speaking quietly but carrying a big stick.” This large and powerful dog is noble in character but can be explosive and violent when need be. Akitas also tend to be extremely strong-willed. As a result, this dog needs you to be a firm and consistent leader, otherwise, it will walk all over you.

A purebred Akita pup can cost as much as $6,500.


A golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppy has reportedly been sold for a whopping $2 million in China, potentially making it the worlds most expensive dog.

The pup was sold at a premium pet fair in the eastern province of Zhejiang on Tuesday, fetching 12 million yuan ($1.95 million), according to AFP, which cites a report in Chinese newspaper Qianjiang Evening News.An unidentified man posing for a photo with two Tibetan mastiffs after they were sold at a luxury pet fair in Hangzhou, in eastern Chinas Zhejiang province.STR I AFP I Getty s

The breeder, who sold the puppy to a property developer, is reported to have told the paper that the mastiff had “lions blood,” and that a similar dog had sold for 6 million yuan.

The hound was 80 centimetres (31 inches) tall, and weighed 90 kilograms (nearly 200 pounds), according to Zhang, who said the breed to could be compared to “nationally treasured pandas” – hence the high price.

Tibetan mastiffs – an ancient breed of dog, with long coats – have become a status symbol among Chinas growing wealthy classes. In 2011, an 11-month old pup named “Big Splash” sold for $1.5 million, according to NBC news, which reported that the animal was the most expensive dog sold at the time.