What to feed dogs to make them live longer? Simple and Effective Tips

Watch what chemicals you put on your dog

Longevity is all about toxic load. Toxic load can be explained by the amount of toxins you put in your body and how your body processes those toxins.

Every time you go to put medicine or different grooming products on or in your dog think about what it is made of. For example, when you are shampooing your pup, make sure that your shampoo is a natural, plant based soap free of sulfites and heavy chemicals.

Feed an all natural diet

To me, diet is the key to longevity and a healthy life. What you put in is what you get out. For the beginner, avoid ingredients like wheat, soy, corn, sugar beets, by-products, and generic animal fats such as poultry fat.

For those of you who are already feeding a holistic kibble, try adding raw fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet as well as raw meat. With any dietary change, make the transition gradually.

If you decide to feed your dog a 100% raw diet, make sure to research the proper techniques for doing so. I feed my Pugs a raw diet. Essential to every diet is a mixture of proteins. This reduces your dog’s chances of developing a sensitivity to their food. I always suggest switching proteins every 2 to 3 months.

How to identify the signs of aging in your dog?

Sometimes, dog owners might think that the aging symptoms are merely illness but sadly it could be a sign that your dog is really aging. Here are some symptoms which indicate that your dog is aging:

  • Bad breath, Excessive Drooling and Gums Issue
  • Lumps and other skin issues
  • Vision problem
  • Weight gain and loss
  • Theres a difference between Aging and Geriatric. Aging refers to the process of a dog getting older and geriatric refers to the end of senior period. Perhaps there are a few more symptoms such as

  • Change in behaviour
  • Difficulties following their normal sleep patterns
  • Increased urination
  • Lost of muscle mass
  • Memory loss
  • If your dog is experiencing the symptoms above, you should pay a visit to the vet to ask for recommendations as they might have supplements that are suitable for senior dogs. However, the supplements could be very expensive, and if you are not able to afford to buy it every month, you should instead consider to buy better quality dog food.

    3 Tips To Make Your Dog Live Longer! How To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan.

    Take a good long look at your dog. No, really… for just a few seconds, lock eyes with your furry pal.

    Owning a dog can instantly put a smile on any pet owners face. After all, they’re more than your pet. They’re your best friend, faithful defender, and loyal companion.

    They have this superpower to comfort you without having to say a word. They’re never judgy, they never lie, and they will be faithfully yours until the last beat of their little heart.

    With such undeserving devotion, as pet owners, we want nothing more than to help our canine friends live forever. In reality, dogs don’t live nearly as long as we do.

    But that doesn’t mean we can’t do everything in our power to stack the deck in their favor…

    According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, feeding your dog the “appropriate food” is one of the top four requirements in their Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership. This means choosing premium, natural dog foods not only maintains proper balance for your furry pal’s overall health, but these foods have distinct health advantages that help them live longer and happier lives.

    That said… What is the best long life dog food? To answer that, we first need to look at…