What to name a dog that looks like a bear? The Ultimate Guide

Male Dog Names that Mean Bear

What to name a dog that looks like a bear?

  • Arcadia- A male name of Greek origin meaning region offering peace and contentment.
  • Arktos- A name of Ancient Greek origin that translates to bear
  • Armel-The name means bear prince. It is of Welsh origin.
  • Art-A Celtic masculine name meaning bear; champion.
  • Andrew– A name that translates to strong
  • Artair-The is of Celtic origin meaning Bear, or rock.
  • Arthfael-A name derived from Welsh name Arthmael, which means bear- prince, the prince of the bears.
  • Barney -Means strong like a bear
  • Benat– Bold as bear(from the latin name Bernardus)
  • Berchan – Of Celtic origin, meaning sharp-toothed like a bear
  • Benno– A German term for bear
  • Arthur- A name of Welsh and Celtic origin that means strong as a bear or bear hero
  • Artie-A name of Celtic origin that means bear.
  • Barrett -A name of German origin that means bear strength
  • Ben- German nickname for the word bear
  • Bern -German for bear
  • Bernard — Translates to as brave as a bear in German
  • Arto or Arttu- The name is of Celtic origin meaning bear or rock.
  • Artorius-The name means Honorable and respectable according to a user in New York,U.S. A name of Roman origin.
  • Garben- Dutch names that means bear spear
  • Artturi-The male name is of Celtic origin meaning noble or courageous.
  • Artur-It is from Celtic origin and it means bear-like. A name believed to possibly be descended from the Roman surname, Artorius.
  • Arturas-The name means possibly bear or stone. A male name of Celtic origin.
  • Arturo-A name of Celtic origin that means noble or courageous.
  • Berold – Translates to bear rule
  • York-An English name meaning from the bear estate
  • Emeric – French name meaning strong
  • Espen-Scandinavian name meaning God bear
  • Fyrsil -Welsh name that translates to bear-man
  • Humbert -Bear fledging
  • Humphrey-Bear cub
  • Liam-Strong-willed just like bears
  • Oberon– Translates to Bear-like
  • Orson -Translates to bear cub in French
  • Osborn-Divine bear
  • Otso– Finnish name for bear
  • Uther -Bear cub
  • Ursus-Roman name for bear
  • Vernados– Greek for courage of the bear
  • Uffo– German name that means bear
  • Uzumati– Miwok name for the grizzly type of bear
  • Avonaco-A Cheyenne name that means leaning bear
  • Tarben-An Old Scandinavian name that means thunder bear
  • Asbjorn-Old Nordic name that translated to divine bear
  • Beringar-Old German name that means bear
  • Kuruk-Pawnee name that means bear
  • Matoskah-Sioux name that translates to white bear
  • Honaw- A name meaning bear from a Native American tribe called Hopi
  • Dog Names Meaning Bear in Pop CultureFeatured Famous Dog With a Bear NameBear

    Dogs are actually fairly closely related to bears and share some characteristics with their cousins, both physical and behavioral, although this is more apparent with some dogs or breeds than others. This means that names that have bear in the meaning, and even the name Bear, itself, have often been favored. The Pomeranian that Queen Victoria asked for on her dying day was a faithful white dog named Turi, a name that means bear in Celtic and Spanish, and Arthur, a name that means strong as a bear, was the name given to a dog that decided to follow an extreme Swedish sports team out of the wilds of Ecuador and back to their home. In 2017, during evacuations for Hurricane Irma, a dog by the name of Chyanne also made headlines when she and a human woman both went into labor in a school turned hurricane shelter. The woman was transported to a nearby hospital where her baby was safely born, and Chyanne gave birth to her healthy puppies right there in the school.

    One of the most popular of the name that means bear is actually Bear. Jennifer Lopez dubbed her boxer Bear and Russell Brand has a dog named Bear who objects strongly and hilariously to his singing. The name Bear has been used for canines both as a name for canine actors and as a character name. Bear was the name of a prolific canine actor in the 1980s and 90s, known best for his roles on the shows Golden Girls, Wishbone, and Nurses. The name was also used as a character on the more recent show Persons of Interest; Bear the Belgian Malinois, a highly trained military dog responds only to commands that are spoken in Dutch and has a fondness for devouring first edition books, literally. Dogs named Bear seem to be popular on the police force as well. In June of 2013, a German Shepherd with the New York Transit Bureau made headlines when he received a kick to the face while trying to break up a fight that involved four women, at which point he held the offending foot in his mouth until she was handcuffed. The kick broke several of the dogs teeth, including a canine tooth, all of which were later replaced with crowns. Bear was also the name given to a black Labrador Retriever that made headlines with her tracking skill in 2015. One of only three dogs that were trained in the skill of electronics detection as of 2015, Bear located the thumb drive that was instrumental in the arrest of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogel for distribution of child pornography and is capable of locating an SD card that is only a millimeter thick.

    Picking a name for our new canine companion in an exciting but sometimes daunting process. Choosing an easy to pronounce name that your dog naturally responds to will encourage bonding and help to improve the efficiency of training, while an inconsistent or confusing name can lead to setbacks. Once you have decided to choose a name with bear in the meaning, there are many ways in which to narrow down the field in order to pinpoint exactly the right name for your specific pooch. Some people may end up naming their animal by its color, giving it a moniker like Cinnamon, Panda, or Matoskah, while others may prefer a more active name for an active pup, such as Enyeto, Wahkoowah, or Rocky. Another method of choosing a name can be based on the dogs history or heritage, favoring a name like Orsino for an Italian Greyhound or Nadine for a German breed dog. Names can even be derived from the word bear in other languages, like Arktos or Ibatu, while others may choose to honor a famous bear or a specific type of bear, choosing names like Sun or Monarch. Whatever method you decide to employ this list of names that mean bear will give you some great inspiration.

    Votes Name Vote
    4 Bear A substantially bulky mammal covered with dense hair, most of which are apex predators
    3 Arthur A Welsh and Celtic name that means strong as a bear or bear hero
    3 Tarben A name meaning thunder bear or Thor’s bear in Old Norse
    1 Arktos The Greek word meaning bear
    1 Ásbjorn An Old Norse name that means divine bear
    1 Duroj The Albanian word for bear
    1 Gerben A name meaning bear spear in Dutch
    1 Orson A name meaning bear cub in French
    1 Ursus A Roman name meaning bear
    0 Benat Basque name derived from the Latin name Bernardus, meaning bold as a bear
    0 Monarch One of the last wild grizzly bears in California and the model for the California state flag
    0 Beringar This name means bear-spear in Old German
    0 Enyeto A Miwok name that means walks like a bear
    0 Honaw A name meaning bear in Hopi
    0 Kuruk A Pawnee name that means bear
    0 Mathúin An Irish name that means bear cub
    0 Matoskah Sioux name that means white bear
    0 Nokoski A Seminole name that means bear
    0 Orsino Italian form of the Latin name Ursinus, or bear-like
    0 Otso A Finnish name that means bear
    0 Sloth The Sloth Bear is an insectivore that also eats honey and fruit
    0 Uffo A name meaning wild bear in German
    0 Uzumati A name meaning grizzly bear in the Native American language Miwok
    0 Wahkoowah A name meaning charging bear in Sioux
    0 Wyborn A Scandinavian name that means war bear
    -1 Avonaco A Cheyenne name that means leaning bear
    -1 Bernard English name that means bold as a bear
    -1 Dov A Yiddish name that means bear derived from the Hebrew language
    -1 Grizzly The Grizzly Bear, a subspecies of Brown Bear, is named for its grizzled fur color
    -1 York An English name meaning from the bear estate
    Votes Name Vote
    5 Yona A Cherokee name meaning bear
    3 Chyanne A modern American name said to mean loving bear
    3 Gobi A type of brown bear that is only found in the Gobi desert
    3 Kuma A Japanese name which means bear
    3 Nita A Choctaw name that means bear
    3 Ursula A Latin name that means little she-bear
    2 Ibatu The word for bear in Maltese
    2 Orsola Italian form of the Latin Ursula meaning little she-bear
    1 Nadine A German name that means the courage of a bear
    1 Sapata A name meaning dancing bear in Miwok
    1 Tureti The Lithuanian word that means bear
    1 Turi A name that means bear in Celtic and Spanish
    0 Bera A German and Icelandic name meaning she-bear
    0 Iomair A Scots Gaelic word that means bear
    0 Keyush An Inuit name that means bear cub
    0 Rocky A female black bear who made enough parachute jumps during the Korean War to be considered a paratrooper and was given a purple heart
    -1 Bernou A Dutch name that means sacred female bear
    -1 Cinnamon A Cinnamon bear is a specific color of American Black Bear
    -1 Glacier A Glacier bear sports a distinctively colored coat
    -1 Hope A female black bear whose birth was broadcast by internet
    -1 Lusela An American name which means bear swinging its foot while licking it
    -1 Urola A Russian name meaning little bear
    -2 Ours The word meaning bear in French
    -2 Panda While the Panda’s digestive system is set up as an omnivore, they almost exclusively eat bamboo
    -2 Sun Experts believe that the Sun Bear is the ancestor of the American and Asian Black Bears
    -2 Taqukaq An Inuit name that means Grizzly Bear
    -2 Vorsila A Greek name that means bear
    -2 Winnipeg The American Black Bear who was the mascot for the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps, and the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh
    -3 Bernadette A feminized version of the French Bernard, meaning bold as a bear
    -3 Garcia A Spanish and Portuguese name believed to mean bear

    What to name a dog that looks like a bear?

    Written by a Irish Setter lover Penny Sebring

    Published: 02/23/2018, edited: 11/20/2020

    Teddy Bear Looking Dog Breeds

    Below we have shared some dog breeds that look like bears or teddy bears. If you see these breeds that time you know that haircut can make all the difference.

  • B​ichon Fris​e
  • Border Terrier
  • Cockapoo
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekingese
  • Pomeranian
  • Shih Tzu
  • Toy Poodle
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Chow Chow
  • Keeshond
  • Shiba Inu
  • Akita Inu
  • Bouvier Des Flandres
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  • Eurasier
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Newfoundland Dog
  • Samoyed
  • Bernard
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears

    Bear Names for Dogs: Hey guys are you looking for Teddy bear dog names for your new fluffy dog? Do you want the best black fluffy dog names? If yes, then this article is for you.

    In this article, we’ve gathered ultimate list of best dog names that go with bear for male and female puppies. Teddy bear dogs are not exactly a breed, but they are named so for their remarkable similarity to adorably cute teddy bears.

    These breeds are usually small with large round eyes and fluffy coats. They look cute with their tine size and helpless needy expression.

    Choosing a perfect name for cool dog can be difficult process. You need to understand your dog’s personality, behavior, appearance, look, and physical characteristics to name a dog.

    For this cute expression, we need to choose the perfect name for this canine. Just check it out best and cutest teddy bear dog names.

    To help you to start with the process of choosing a good name for your dog, we’ve handpicked comprehensive list of best teddy bear dog names for male and female puppies.