What will make a dog poop fast? Essential Tips

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

It can be frustrating to stand under the rain and wait for your beloved pet to do their business. Dogs are great pets. They’re affectionate and rambunctious, and they’ll guard you with their life. But, pet owners like you often face hard times whenever it’s time to do number two. Some breeds are hard to toilet train, and your pet could be one of those pooches.

Here are all the tips you need for making your dog poop on cue.

5 Tips on How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

When it comes to pets, simulating what adult dogs and cats do to their newborn with a pet wipe can trigger a bowel movement. Albeit a little bit messy, using wipes and hydrating your dog often work. Mother dogs lick their young to stimulate normal fecal discharge. Very young pups are not able to defecate by themselves. The puppy diet and constant stimulation of their mother’s tongue on their belly make them discharge their wastes in healthy intervals.

With baby wipes, you can imitate this natural behavior of mother dogs. If you provide a high-fiber diet to your pet, then constantly rubbing their belly and gently wiping their hole could help you achieve the goal of your routine walk.

At times, the cause of constipation in dogs could be a low-fiber diet. As stated earlier, pets need to absorb fiber from their food and treats. In a wild setting, both cats and dogs nibble and swallow certain types of grasses. They do this to stimulate vomiting or defecation. As a pet owner, you must provide a healthy balanced diet to your pet. Too much protein and too little fiber in their food cause constipation. This can lead to serious digestive health problems, like obstipation (severe or complete constipation).

What home remedies can I give my dog for constipation if they don’t need to see the vet?

There are a few things you can do right from home if your dog seems mildly stopped up — no vet appointment required! Here are some to try:

Surprisingly, the extra moisture in canned dog food can help some pooches re-regulate over time (via AKC). This probably won’t work overnight, but can be a convenient and delicious strategy for getting rid of chronic constipation.

As mentioned above, moisture and water (whether in food or on its own) are great for the digestive system. Encourage your dog to drink more water if you can, but you can always add a bit of chicken broth to it to entice him.

The AKC lists electrolyte supplements as another helpful tool for maintaining hydration. Many pet pharmacies and stores carry supplements, such as Hydrade, so your pup won’t have to wait to feel better.

Whether constipation was a one-time issue or a recurring problem, ensuring that your furry friend has a regular exercise routine will help prevent this from happening again. Even a daily walk and some playtime will keep everything moving smoothly, if you know what we mean.

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