What’s the difference between a bagel and a hound dog? Get Your Pet Thinking

Bagle Hound Puppies – Before You Bring One Home…

The Bagle Hound is a friendly breed that enjoys being around other people and pets. It can be a bit lazy and enjoys laying around the house at its owner’s feet. This lazy attitude can make it difficult to train, but it’s intelligent and able to learn several tricks if you have a lot of patience. It has a sensitive personality and will easily get upset if you are angry at it, and these hounds can also become mischievous if left alone too long. However, its relaxed temperament makes it well suited for smaller homes, seniors, and the disabled.


Training your Bagle Hound can be challenging because it is very lazy and easily loses focus. It can be quite stubborn if it wants to lay down and often sits there looking at you, refusing to get up. The only thing that seems to change its mind is the scent of another animal, which it will start to follow regardless of your pleas to stop, often even ignoring treats. We found that the best way to train your Bagle Hound is to take advantage of an opportunity when you see your dog is attentive. If your dog comes to you looking for a treat or a walk, it can be a good time to try out a command. Get your dog to sit or speak by saying the command while motioning or gesturing what you want it to do. If your dog follows the command, give it a treat and let it have what it wants. After a few tries, your dog will begin to catch on.

You can also try setting 5-10 minutes aside at the same time each day for training. Consistent sessions can help even stubborn dogs get into a routine, but you can’t miss any days or risk losing your progress.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?

Yes, Bagle Hounds are well suited to large families because they have a friendly temperament that enjoys being around people. It’s lazy, so it never gets aggressive or overly barky and likes to spend its day lounging around by the feet or on the lap of family members. It likes to play fetch and be pet, so it’s usually a hit with the children. It doesn’t shed too much, so it won’t make a mess out of your home. The only issue with this breed is that it can pick up a scent when going for a walk that can cause it to wander off and get lost if you don’t have it on a leash.

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