Where Is Brandon Mcmillan’S Lucky Dog Ranch

Brandon McMillan has been the face of ‘Lucky Dog’ since its inception. However, what happened to Brandon? Why is he not hosting ‘Lucky Dog’ anymore?

Fans of the show noticed Brandon was not hosting the latest episode of the show. Some were eager to see him back on the screen. However, they were instead greeted by Eric Wiese and Rashi Khanna Wiese. Undoubtedly, many admitted they wanted Brandon back on the show. This content could not be loaded

It wasn’t until 2010 when Brandon opened a dog boarding and training center, Lucky Dog Ranch, which is located outside Los Angeles. That’s when he started training service dogs and therapy dogs.

Who is the new host of Lucky Dog?

Meet the new hosts of ‘Lucky Dog’: Eric and Rashi Wiese.

His passion for dog training began at age 15, when he started volunteering at a local boarding kennel in St.

What happened to Brandon McMillan on ‘Lucky Dog’?

Brandon decided to part ways with CBS after he felt the show was not going in the same direction as he had hoped. In October, he took to Instagram to announce his exit from the show.

“As the years went on big money started pouring into the show which meant more cooks in the kitchen making decisions. This is where Hollywood can take a great idea and turn it into a money-driven business. When the fun gets taken out of a tv show then it’s no longer fun to show up,” he wrote.

Brandon also thanked his fans for their support as he wrote, “I cannot thank you all enough for your years of support you all have given me. You were there to see me cry when I said goodbye to Sandy… when I said goodbye to Charlotte… when I said goodbye to little Olive… and countless other dogs. I always made it a point to wear my heart on my sleeve and not hold back my emotions. Being as real as I possibly can be the most important thing for me because you the viewers know acting from reality.” This content could not be loaded

Does Brandon McMillan have a girlfriend?

Lucky Dog Cast Brandon McMillan is Dating a Girlfriend Alanna Polcyn.


Who owns Lucky Dog Ranch now?

Today, Brandon continues to train shelter dogs and place them with families. He was the host of the hit CBS show Lucky Dog, for 7 seasons until he left to pursue other opportunities such as founding the Argus Service Dog Foundation. He’s also the author of the book Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.

Did Brandon sell Lucky Dog Ranch?

The goal of The Lucky Dog Ranch is to provide the kind of experience that Owner, David Weiss was looking for when he had to travel and put his own dogs in a kennel. It quickly became clear that what dogs love is the ability to socialize and run and play.