Who Becomes Top Dog After Kaz Dies

Bea Smiths (Danielle Cormack) death in the season 4 finale of “Wentworth” meant that the “top dog” position in the prison has been left vacant. News has it that the one replacing her is Karen “Kaz” Proctor (Tammy Macintosh), who first appeared in the show back in season 3.

Macintosh assured viewers that Bea will not be forgotten. She said, “It affects every episode this season. She is almost like a ghost character who drives the momentum.”

Kaz taking the top dog position is ironic, given that Macintosh previously stated in an interview that her character does not believe that anyone should play that role in the first place. She said in an interview with Foxtel, “Her philosophy is that there shouldnt be a top dog at all. There should not be any one woman, one man running womens lives. They should all have their own decisions, they should all have their own choices and rights.”

The first episode of season 5 revealed her first move as top dog, wherein she made a controversial decision. She declared that Joan “The Freak” Ferguson, who killed Bea, should not be touched. Her motivation for this move is unclear, although some theorize that it was her way of attempting to stop the cycle of violence within the prison. Given that the other inmates do not respect her as a top dog, it is uncertain if she will be able to hold this position for long.

Nonetheless, rumors are going around that some inmates will refuse to obey her order. There is buzz that there will be a revenge plot against The Freak. Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson), who is back in the correctional facility, will likely be involved in this seeking vengeance, given that she was Beas lover prior to her death. She tried to make an attempt on the first episode, but her efforts did not turn out well, resulting in her and three other inmates needing medical treatment.

Karen “Kaz” Proctor

Believing that she owed Bea a debt, Kaz stepped up in the beginning of Season 5. She might have been tough up front, but Kaz is actually sensitive at heart. Her first order as Top Dog was to enforce a “no violence” rule in the prison.

Who becomes top dog after Kaz on Wentworth?

Kaz loses the position of Top Dog to Joan Ferguson in Episode 6 of Season 5. At the end of the fifth season, Kaz tries Ferguson in a Kangaroo Court and regains the Top Dog position.

She told us: “The way that its been written, and ironically her journey up until now with all of the chaos and destruction and the breakdown of her sense of humanity, I think it has equipped her to be a strong and capable and quite ruthless Top Dog.

“She knows the best Top Dogs have to be able to negotiate and I think especially with a character like Lou Kelly, you are gonna have to find more common ground, otherwise she may find that shell get railroaded quite soon.”

Australian star Kate told us: “This season is different from any other season weve had before because we knew from the outset that these final 20 episodes were going to be the last episodes that we made.

The role is difficult and demanding, and a number of them have ended up dead as they tried to protect the women in the prison.

“Shes happy to keep the peace and make concessions and compromise, especially with a character like Lou Kelly who is very much gonna be on her radar in terms of an adversary – shes playing the game and shes learnt from the best.

Does Ferguson become top dog in Wentworth?

Season 2. Joan is introduced at the beginning of the second season when she busts a drug smuggle in the laundry room and introduces herself as governor. After Franky refuses allegiance with her, Ferguson becomes fixed on ending Franky’s reign as top dog.


Who is the last top dog in Wentworth?

When Proctor is arrested and sent to Wentworth thinking that Bea was the one who shopped the group to the police she decides to help Joan until she realises who Joan really is. Later Proctor receives the role of top dog with Bea telling her not to let the women down.

Does Boomer become top dog season 8?

Bea is notable for her storylines of being abused by her husband Harry, avenging the death of her daughter by murdering Brayden Holt and being the top dog in Wentworth Prison.