Who is the biggest dog in the world? Here’s What to Expect

#11 Biggest Dog Breeds: Black Russian Terrier – 80 to 130 Pounds

Who is the biggest dog in the world?

All black Russian terriers should weigh between 80 and 130 pounds. This dog stands about 30 inches tall at the shoulders, and this breed looks even bigger because of how it carries its massive head. This canine was bred to patrol the Siberian mountains, and it loves cold weather. Because this breed can weigh as much as a human, they can be the biggest dog in the world.

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#13 Biggest Dog Breeds: Irish Wolfhounds – 105 to 120 Pounds

Who is the biggest dog in the world?

Male Irish Wolfhounds weigh about 120 pounds while females weigh about 105 pounds. This dog will appear even bigger because it stands 3 feet tall. While they were initially bred in Ireland to drag men out of chariots and off horses, they make wonderful obedience training dogs.

They are also often used as rescue canines because of their height and eagerness to please. Male Irish Wolfhounds are widely known for being the biggest dog in the world.

Irish wolfhound

Who is the biggest dog in the world?

Irish wolfhounds, on average, are the tallest dog breed in the world. They stand a minimum of 32 inches off the ground at the shoulder and can weigh up to 180 pounds. Like Great Danes, Irish wolfhounds love people, and because of that, they make terrible guard dogs!

Who is the biggest dog in the world?

Similar in appearance to Irish wolfhounds, the Scottish deerhound also has a shaggy coat and slim build. But Scottish deerhounds are just a bit smaller in size compared to their wolfhound counterparts. Scottish deerhounds stand about 30 to 32 inches off the ground and can weigh up to 110 pounds.


Here’s a quick bio on the Great Dane named Zeus, famous for holding the title of the biggest, tallest dog in the world by the Guinness World Records.Table of Contents:

Great Danes have held the record for the last two decades (though it’s worth mentioning that Irish Wolfhounds, another huge breed, are often close runners-up).

The tallest dog recorded in Guinness World Records history is Zeus, a humongous Great Dane of mythical proportions who stood over seven feet tall.

Let’s learn more about the life of Zeus and the “Gentle Giants” we know as Great Danes.

Despite her husband’s objections and desire for a “cuter” name, Denise Doorlag preferred a name fit for a god, and “Zeus” was perfect. The Doorlag family treated Zeus as if he was their own child; he was a lap dog despite his very not-lap-dog size.

Zeus was a certified therapy dog and performed his job well, frequently traveling to hospitals and schools in the Kalamazoo area to bring good vibes and help ease anxious patients and students alike.

He touched the lives of many, both locally and internationally, and had a fervent Facebook following.

Being the titan he was, Zeus consumed approximately 12 cups of food per day (now that’s a lot of food!). He weighed 155 lbs, and was so tall that he could drink water directly from the kitchen faucet.

Zeus lived from 2008 until 2014, when he sadly passed away from old age at six years old.

In an interview with The Kalamazoo Gazette shortly after Zeus passed, Kevin and his wife Denise said they would especially miss letting Zeus sit on their laps while out grilling on their deck.