Who picks up dead dogs in Harris County? Simple and Effective Tips

Birds suspected of having the West Nile Virus should be reported to the Harris County Mosquito Control by calling 713.440.4800. Dead squirrels are not picked up and tested for West Nile Virus, and should be disposed of. Additionally, there has been mention from wildlife rehabilitators that there are several pesticides that look like seed and are killing birds and squirrels once ingested. Care should be taken not to touch any dead animal with your bare hands, and to wash hands thoroughly even if no direct contact was made with the carcass during transfer to a waste receptacle.

The carcass of any animal, dead of disease or other cause, on private property, by city law, is to be removed by the owner of the animal or the owner of the premises where the animal is laying. The owner may dispose of the carcass by picking it up with a shovel and placing it in a plastic bag. Care should be taken not to touch any dead animal with bare hands, and to wash hands thoroughly afterward, even if no direct contact was made with the carcass.

Adoption hours: Monday – Friday: 1 pm – 5:30 pm Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 3:30 pm

The Animal Control Department enforces the county’s animal control ordinance on a county-wide basis including all municipalities. This department responds to complaints regarding stray and nuisance animals, animal cruelty, animal bites, and rabies exposure in conjunction with the local Board of Health. The department provides temporary shelter for stray, unwanted, and homeless animals at the 20-unit dog and 15-unit cat animal shelter. The department also conducts an adoption program, trap loan program, and coordinates with the local Humane Society.

Bexar County Animal Control Services houses their animals at the Bexar County Animal Facility. The facility houses 60 kennels for the stray, abandoned, and abused dogs of the entire unincorporated Bexar County. If a stray animal is picked up they will be taken to 5510 Duffek Dr., Kirby TX 78219 for holding. If you suspect that your animal has been picked up please call 210-214-6919. Unincorporated Bexar county residents should call in stray dogs to Animal Control dispatch at 210-335-9000.

The space is very limited and we must be selective of the animals we accept. Owners who wish to surrender their animals are advised to attempt to make other adoption arrangements prior to calling Bexar County Animal Facility as we are likely already at max capacity. The surrender fee for unwanted animals is $150.00. Please call our Animal Control Officers to make arrangements to surrender the animal as our space is limited and we do not accept over the counter surrenders. Once the animal is dropped off with Bexar County Animal Facility, BCAF will decide the final disposition of the animal. The number for Bexar County Animal Control is 210-335-9000 and the office is located at 1948 Probandt St.

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