Wholehearted Dog Food Good Or Bad

Our Rating of WholeHearted Grain Free Dog Food

WholeHearted Grain Free is a dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meat meals as its dominant source of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4 stars.

However, it’s unfortunate the company chose to include so much plant-based protein in its recipe. Otherwise, we would have been compelled to award this product a higher rating.

Is WholeHearted Made in the USA?

There is very little information available about the WholeHearted manufacturing process. The label states that the ingredients are “globally sourced.”

This implies that there are operations in other countries. The brand doesn’t state which, though.

The good news about the ingredients is that they are specified in most products. Instead of generic animal fat or meat by-products, PetCo clearly states which meats are used. This gives more insight into the nutritional value of their dog food.

WholeHearted features a wide selection of dry dog food. Their wet and canned dog food selection is rich as well.

Let’s look at the most important WholeHearted brand lines and their main features.

WholeHearted Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Wholehearted Dog Food Good Or Bad

This brand line includes two formulas of dry dog food: the Lamb recipe and the Salmon Recipe. Both are intended for all life stages and breeds. Usually, though, different life

Limited Ingredient recipes are focused on natural ingredients, and contain a single source of protein — great for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

Their first ingredient is whole meat, i.e. lamb or salmon. These provide high-quality animal protein. The crude protein content in these products is 30%. That’s plenty of natural protein goodness for the pooch.

In line with their philosophy, WholeHearted doesn’t use potato or soy in these products. The formulas feature lentils, chickpeas, and dried beet pulp, so the recipes are grain-free.

The interesting thing about these recipes is that they contain live microorganisms. This ingredient is quite rare in dog food recipes — and very high-quality. These further improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The only thing we are suspicious about is canola oil. Although it’s approved for usage, there has been some debate around it.

Canola oil contains linoleic acid which is important for dogs’ health. But the oil often comes from GMO sources. If you want more natural ingredients, it might be good to avoid it. Generally, animal fat is considered a better source.


Who manufactures WholeHearted dog food?

WholeHearted Grain Free Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4 stars.

Is WholeHearted owned by Petco?

Who Makes WholeHearted Dog Food and Where Is It Produced? Petco, the creator and manufacturer of WholeHearted dog food, has been in business for more than 50 years. This company has more than 1,470 locations across the U.S., Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

What is the most healthiest dog food for a dog?

news releases. SAN DIEGO, Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Petco today launched WholeHearted, an exclusive new private label brand of natural dog food featuring thoughtfully crafted recipes with quality ingredients and healthy nutrients.