Why are dog collars spiked? Get Your Pet Thinking

Are Spiked Collars Bad for Dogs? | Are Spiked Dog Collars Illegal?

Spiked collars are not bad for dogs if used correctly, but if misused they can cause harm. Spiked collars were originally designed to protect dogs from wolves and other predators. The spikes prevented the predator from getting a good grip on the dog’s neck, making it more difficult for them to kill the dog.

However, nowadays spiked collars are more commonly used as a fashion statement or as a way to make a dog look ‘tough’. When used in this way, the spikes can pose a risk to both the dog and other animals. If the spikes are sharp and long enough, they can puncture skin or get caught on something when the dog pulls.

In addition, if a dog with a spiked collar were to get into a fight with another animal, the spikes could cause serious injuries. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the potential risks before putting a spiked collar on your dog.

Origination and History of Spiked Dog Collar

Today, most people associate spiked dog collars with bully breeds. Ironically, herding breeds started this trend on farms in Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

What we refer to today as spiked dog collars were initially known as wolf collars. They are also known as a locale in Italian and carlancas in Spanish. Shepherds and farmers worldwide made or purchased these collars to protect their dogs if a wolf or other predator attacked them while they were guarding herds of sheep or livestock. This practice dates back to ancient Greece, medieval times and is even still used in modern-day Turkey.

It has been said that shepherds and farmers awarded their best guard dogs with spiked collars for successfully defending the livestock they guarded by killing the offending predator. While that may have been the case on some farms, it makes more sense for a dog to be given a protective collar proactively to ensure they can continue working.

What Is The Purpose Of A Spiked Dog Collar?

Protecting a dog’s neck is the general purpose spiked dog collars. Although spiked dog collars are also used to show off a certain style and fashion sense, they originally came about as protective equipment for dogs that use their necks as their main source of defense.

Spiked dog collars are mostly used by owners who have aggressive dogs that might need extra protection, but spiked dog collars can also be worn by other types of dogs with spiked metal studs just for decoration. Popular spiked dog collars brands include D-Ring Designs spiked muzzles for dogs, Oxford K9 spiked dog collars, Allstars neoprene spiked ez collars, and many more.

Not if they are properly fitted to your pet’s neck size. Although some spiked oog collars for dogs are made to be extremely uncomfortable without proper muzzle training, most spiked outdoor dog leashes are not meant to be painful.

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