Why do dogs dig in the middle of the night? Here’s What to Expect

Start with a Comfortable Dog Bed

Why do dogs dig in the middle of the night?

Why do dogs dig in the middle of the night?

You’ll have more success if your dog’s bed is comfortable for him. Before you buy, walk a mile in your dog’s paws. If he’s been sleeping in your bed and is suddenly kicked to the floor, he’s going to be resistant to that idea.

That’s why you need to get him a comfortable dog bed where he can feel secure. To decide on what will be comfortable for him, first observe how he sleeps. Does he curl up in a ball or sprawl out?

If he curls up in a ball, you’ll want a dog bed that’s just a little larger than his body size. This will make him feel secure and warm. If he sprawls all over your bed, then he’ll likely be more comfortable in one of those large, flat dog beds.

The reality is that your dog’s comfort is important, and if he’s got a bed he likes, you’ll have much better luck in getting him to make the move from your bed to his.

Your dog is sick or in pain

Your dog might have a sickness that causes more discomfort at night. For example, the dog might have certain joint pains that hurt more whenever he tries to lie down. Older dogs may suffer from cognitive dysfunctions like dog dementia. They may have woken up at night and temporarily forgot where they were. The anxiety may cause the dog to constantly scratch and dig the floor at night.

Dogs may show a greater likelihood to scratch the floor at night if they didn’t get enough exercise (mental and physical) throughout the day. The dog may have excess energy to burn and constant scratching is one way to get rid of it. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and play time if you have been slacking on that front. Tired dogs are happy dogs. A tired dog will find no need to scratch the floor at night if they have no energy to move.

Put Familiar Items in Your Dog’s Bed

Your pooch doesn’t just want a comfortable spot to sleep, he wants to make it his own. He’s your best friend, after all, so make his bed a place he can call home while he’s resting. Put familiar items in his bed like toys or a special pet blanket that’s all his own.

By stocking your dog’s bed with some of his favorite things, you’ll make it a place he wants to go rather than someplace he has to go. Your dog’s bed will be someplace welcoming, warm, and safe.

Why do Dogs Scratching the Floor at Night? This fact will shock you

One of the main reasons for a dog scratching the floor at night has to do with nesting. They want to be in a comfortable and secure location, so they will scratch before they decide to lay down for the night. Back in the day, dogs would do this in the wild to create themselves a small den to curl up into.