Why do dogs like to chew on bones? A Comprehensive Guide

Raw marrow bones are best for dogs. Just make sure that the bone cant be swallowed whole. If you dont want to take any risks with raw bones, there are a variety of artificial bones specially made for dogs to chew, including rawhide, nylon, and starch-based bones available at pet stores.

Why Your Dog Will Love Bones

Your dog will be over the moon when you present them with a healthy bone for them to enjoy.

Dogs love chewing on them not only for the primal instinct they provide, but the mental and physical stimulation they receive. Anxious and bored dogs can relieve stress with a large bone that they can chew on for hours at a time.

That’s not even mentioning the taste, which is sure to drive them wild, putting them into what can only be described as a trance. Meanwhile, they get to work their jaw, get some energy out, and live their best life.

Nutritional Element

The marrow found in the animal bones can be a rich source of fat. This reason makes bones a nutrition-packed, tasty snack for your dogs. Stray/wild dogs often rely on the bone marrow of the prey that is the body’s last reserve of body fat for survival in harsh conditions.

Fat is not the only nutritional aspect involved. Bones are also rich in minerals like Calcium and Phosphorous. Chewing on bones has a proven effect of improving the dog’s skin and fur texture significantly.

If your vet has recommended more calcium to be provided to the dog, raw bones can be beneficial. This scenario is especially recommended for large-sized breeds that are undergoing the growth phase.

In most cases, bits of meat or tendons remain attached to the bone. Dogs find it very rewarding and morale-boosting to gather every tiny piece of meat they can extract from the bone. At the end of the day, cognitive stimulation and bodily nutrition are taken care of.

Why dogs need to chew

As dog owners would agree, there is a feeling of euphoria shown by dogs every time they receive a bone to chew. However, it seems like bare bones are difficult to chew, taste-less, and void of nutritional elements. Have you wondered why dogs like bones so much?

We often forget to realize that evolution has gifted the canine family with tailor-made teeth to tear apart even the hardest of bones. Additionally, dogs derive mental stimulation and exercise for jaw muscles as part of chewing on bones. Also, not to mention that this activity is an effective technique to keep their teeth clean.

Clearly, bones provide far better benefits to your dog than any chew toy you can provide. Dogs get engaged with their piece of bone for several hours. There are also cases where they regularly work on the bone for days and bury it once they are done with the bone. Burying the bone is a canine version of refrigeration: a measure to store it safely and prevention from damage. Dogs always remember where they buried the bone for chewing it at a later point.