Why do dogs like to lay on you? A Comprehensive Guide

Why Having Your Dog Lay On You Is Good?

  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Your Stress Hormones
  • Reduces Depression
  • Promotes Brain Waves
  • Eases Insomnia
  • Decreases Loneliness
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Strengthens Bond Which Makes Training Easier
  • Promotes A Healthy Heart
  • Reduces Allergies Later In Life
  • Increases Sense Of Security
  • Keeps You Warm
  • Why do dogs like to lay on you?

    Is It Bad for a Dog to Lie on Top of You?

    It may not always be ideal especially if your dog is of considerable size and weight, but there’s no reason to be concerned if your dog has a habit of laying on top of you. Similar to how humans like hugging and other forms of contact, dogs also enjoy the comfort and companionship that comes from laying on top of you.

    You may have to set boundaries particularly if your dog laying on you causes you physical discomfort, but other than that, you don’t have to worry about the behavior. Look at it as your dog’s way of showing affection or as validation that your dog is comfortable with you and considers you part of the pack.

    Why do dogs like to lay on you?

    # Your Dog Finds You Comfortable and Warm

    From an early age, dogs know that physical contact means comfort and warmth. Since they share a special bond with their owners, they are comfortable snuggling up to you and on top of you for warmth.

    You’ll notice this behavior more if you and your dog share a strong relationship. Dogs who are comfortable with their owners will have no hesitation plopping down on top of their owners even if sometimes it puts their humans in uncomfortable positions.

    Dogs with short coats and little body fat need additional warmth particularly during winter and your body is a great source of that.

    Why does your Dog Sleep or Lay on Top of you?

    I’ll frequently lie down for a quick nap on the floor, on the back deck, or even on the grass in the backyard, especially if there’s a bit of sunny warmth to enjoy. Inevitably, one of my two seventy-five pound Golden Retrievers lays down with me, wiggling and squirming and pressing until they are as close to me as they can get. For me, as for any real “dog person”, it’s a nice experience. Many others report having experienced the closeness of having their dog lie right against them, or perhaps even on top of them, and many report that their dog leans against them frequently.

    Why do dogs lie so close to you? What drives them to want to be so close? All these I-want-to-be-close type behaviours can be explained by considering the real nature of our domesticated dogs, and the fact that all canines are pack animals.

    Next time you have the opportunity, watch a litter of newly born puppies. You’ll notice that when they aren’t nursing or crawling around, they will likely be sleeping in a “dog pile” with their littermates. Right from birth, dogs have the instinct to seek and feel comfort and security by being close to their packmates.

    The world can be a frightening, unpredictable place, and being part of a pack makes it all a lot easier.

    When your dog cuddles up with you, they are acknowledging that you are a member of its pack. It’s a sign of affection, closeness, and connection, and your ‘furkid’ is saying that it feels safe to be with you. It’s a continuation of the bonding process that began when you and your dog first met each other. Your dog is reassured by your presence and it needs constant confirmation that you are there for him. To provide this reassurance and confirmation, allow your dog to remain close beside you for at least a few minutes, as pushing them away could cause your dog to wonder about your role in its life, especially if it happens repeatedly. Being close to you makes them happy, makes them feel safe, and gives them comfort. Never lose sight of the fact that to your dog, you’re not a human, but rather an odd, two legged member of his pack!