Why do dogs sleep on my clothes? Surprising Answer

#2: They love your scent

Why do dogs sleep on my clothes?

If dogs can buy perfume, what would they pick?

Let’s see. Peanut butter-scented ones? Or…

The aroma of another dog’s butt?

Well, it could also be something that smells just like their dog parent, a.k.a you.

Research shows that canines can identify the scent of their humans among 4 other smells. And they also react positively to it.

So if they like being snuggled in your clothes, they must love you so much.

Your pile of dirty clothes might smell like heaven for them. Even though it smells like sweat and other odors to me and you.

But your pooch doesn’t mind it, as long as they feel safe snuggled in there.

So they’ll look for any shirts or pants lying on the bed. Or in your hamper. And choose to crash there instead.

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#5: Your clothes are warm

You just have gathered your freshly cleaned clothes out from the dryer.

Then put them in a basket and leave to get something.

But when you come back, you can’t believe what’s in front of you.

Your socks and shirts are all on the floor…

Like someone has dug on it.

While your pooch is nestled happily inside the hamper.

Dryers use heat to make the water in clothes turn into vapor. And to speed up the process.

Specialists say they can get hot from 125°F to 135°F (51°C to 57°C).

And it’s compared to a cup of coffee that isn’t boiling but still warm with steam coming out of it.

So if your pooch tends to get cold easily, they might find your dried clothes comfy.

Why does my dog lie on my clothes?

Since dogs dont speak English, you cant actually ask yours why she’s choosing to snooze on your clothes! The best thing we can do is hypothesize on why she’s probably doing it.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Clothes?

Picture the following scenario – you return home from work and find your dog blissfully asleep on your clothes. Apparently, you had left your laundry strewn all over the bedroom floor, so the incident doesn’t strike you as odd. But it keeps happening and your pooch seems to be getting more enchanted by your clothes with each passing day.

As a concerned pet owner, it’s natural to wonder whether this behavior is intrinsic or an early warning sign of an underlying medical condition. Indeed, like any dog owner in your situation, you’re bound to ask yourself, why does my dog sleep on my clothes?