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Treatment of Testicular Torsion and Swelling in Dogs

In the case of testicular torsion in dogs, and given the potential damage to the reproductive system of your dog, the outlook for maintaining fertility in the animal is guarded at best. This is true regardless of how aggressive the therapy is, as there is considerable potential for irreversible damage to the structures of the reproductive system.

Surgical removal of the twisted testicle is the preferred treatment, to prevent recurrence and provide immediate relief.

For orchitis:

  • Systemic antibiotics should be administered for 3 to 4 weeks if an infection is found
  • Applying cool water packs to help decrease the swelling and heat generated by the inflammation
  • Hemicastration (removal of one testicle only) could be considered prudent to keep the infection away from the fellow testicle especially as damage occurs within hours in the case of testicular torsion and is irreversible
  • All antifungal medications will interfere with spermatogenesis
  • Fluoroquinolones are generally the best antibiotics to use if there is potential for prostate involvement after the inflammation has calmed down
  • Culture and sensitivity testing may be required to refine the treatment plan over time
  • There is no totally successful treatment for Brucella canis infection.
  • Additional retesting and cultures to determine success of the treatment plan may be required.

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    Hi, I have an11 year old intact golden retriever. The other day I noticed that his testicles had gone up inside him and his scrotum had begun to shrivel. What does this mean?? He does have a lump in his neck that may be cancer and has been really weak these last few days.

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    Activity level and appetite do not change with neutering. A male dog should not gain weight or become less interested in activity post neuter.

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    Neuter is the term used to describe the surgical removal of a dogs reproductive organs, and castration is the term used for removal of testicles. Typically, in the U.S., many people refer to castration as neutering. The typical age for neutering a dog is between six and nine months. Neutering has several benefits, including health and behavioral. But some concerns still exist amongst pet owners about whether neutering is the best option for their dog. There may also be a question of whether or not a dog was neutered, especially when the procedure was done prior to adoption. Here we will discuss the neuter process, what to expect after the procedure, benefits of neutering, and address some common pet owner concerns.