Why do we say dog eat dog? Find Out Here

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If Australia IIs winged keel was the breakthrough that won the Americas Cup, why do racing yachts still have what appear to be simple bulbs at the bottom of their keels?

I dont know how it started but its certainly not unique to Australia. Anyone can hear the similar abbreviations on many UK TV shows (Minder, Jamie Oliver, The Bill, etc) but usually without the A on the end. So Sharon becomes Shaz, Barry becomes Baz, etc. Perhaps the nicknaming is related to the rhyming slang and “thieves cant” we inherited from the many Londoners who came to Australia in chains.

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Why the expression “dog eat dog”? Most dogs seem to treat each other well, and better than humans treat each other.

Let’s unpack the meaning of the term dog-eat-dog and its origin. I’ll also show you examples of how to use this idiom in a sentence.

Doggy dog, when used in the phrase doggy-dog world, is an eggcorn resulting from a mishearing of dog-eat-dog.

The term dog-eat-dog is an example of figurative speech and has nothing to do with your furry friend. It’s a creative way to describe a competitive, unjust, and harmful setting. I immediately think of the publishing world; it’s got many great aspects but it’s totally a dog-eat-dog career choice.

Dog eat dog only uses a hyphen if it is used as an adjective. Adjectives are words that describe nouns and profiles. So, if the phrase comes before a noun, you need to hyphenate it.

The expression dog-eat-dog comes from the Latin proverb, “a dog does not eat the flesh of a dog.” Now, this phrase has nothing to do with dogs. It first appeared in English print in 1543 but only got famous in 1732 in Thomas Fuller’s book entitled “Gnomologia.”

The Dog DOES Eat the Dog

So how did we get from proverbs about dogs not eating other dogs to its opposite: “dog eat dog”? Quite simply, there isn’t a definitive answer, but a variation where the dog does eat the dog was recorded in The Examiner on December 5, 1813.

While we don’t have an exact answer as to why the dog went from not eating the dog to eating the dog, it appears that by the time the 20th century rolled around, “dog-eat-dog” was here to stay.

Dog Eat Dog Idiom Meaning – English Expression Videos

Try to guess the meaning of the idiom dog eat dog by looking at the picture. Its not a pretty picture is it?

Dog eat dog: ruthless competition where people will do anything (even harm other people) to succeed at doing something.

Can you imagine a dog eating another dog? Well, that would be a ruthless, cruel and a very extreme way to survive.

We often say the world is dog eat dog or say something is a dog eat dog world. Dog eat dog is therefore an adjective describing how difficult, mean and competitive something (e.g., the world) can be.

— I hated living in New York City because even riding the subway to work in the morning was dog eat dog to get a seat.

— Are you sure you want to to go into the field of sales and marketing? Its such a dog eat dog profession.

— I only shop online during Black Friday sales—the shopping malls are dog eat dog and each year a few people are killed while shopping!

— You might not believe it but you must have a dog eat dog attitude to be successful in beauty pageants.

— Actually my daughter loves working on Wall Street—she seems to thrive in a dog eat dog work environment.

— Trying to find parking in the city is dog eat dog—lets take the bus instead.

— I played football in both high school and college and it was rough but professional NFL football is a dog eat dog world.

— We played games at the baby shower and I couldnt believe it was so dog eat dog—everyone wanted to win the prizes.

— I never thought kindergarten could be a dog eat dog world but the parents of these kids are really aggressive.

— My high school had a real dog eat dog atmosphere—everyone wanted to be Valedictorian so they could get accepted to an Ivy League school.

— It may seem like child beauty pageants are innocent fun but theyre really dog eat dog competitions.

— Acting is a dog eat dog profession because actors will do anything to get a part.

— Do you really want to become a professional tennis player? Its a dog eat dog world on the tennis circuit.