Why does my dog drink so much water? Here’s What to Do Next

Keeping an Eye on Water Consumption

Its easier to notice changes in your dogs thirst or drinking behavior if you develop a water bowl routine.

  • Refill your dogs bowl at roughly the same time daily.
  • Fill the bowl to about the same level each time.
  • Pay attention to how much you put in each day and how much is left.
  • Water is critical to your dogs health and well-being. Never deprive your dog of water. If youre worried your dog is drinking too much (or not enough), dont wait, give your vet a call.

    Do you find yourself having to refill your dog’s water bowl more often than usual? It could be that your dog is drinking excessively, which can be a sign of a health issue.

    Dogs can end up drinking a lot of water for many different reasons. Just like humans reaching for their water bottle more often on hot summer days or after a salty snack, our dogs could also become thirsty more quickly depending on how hot they are or what food they eat.

    However, there are certain underlying health problems that could also lead to extra trips to the water bowl. A visit to the vet is the best next step to take when you notice your dog’s new drinking habit. If you are able to quantify how much your pet drinks each day, by using a measuring jug each time you top up the bowl and keeping a tally, that can be very helpful information for your vet. Here is what you need to know about causes of excessive drinking in dogs.

    It depends on their age, breed size, activity levels and diet but normally a dog should drink about 20-70ml of water per kilo of body weight per day. If they go above this amount of water, it may be that your dog is drinking excessively although there can be a lot of variation between individuals. Of course, if it’s very hot weather your dog may be drinking more than usual, but if you can see no reason for extra thirst then it could be a health issue.

    Why do some dogs drink a lot of water?

    It’s mainly due to their size. According to the Halifax Humane Society, a 65-pound dog should drink approximately 33 to 65 ounces a day, but if your pooch eats a moisture-rich diet, he may not want to drink as much water directly from his bowl. If you’re concerned your dog may not be getting the right amount of water each day — or if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why is my dog drinking so much water?” — try measuring it out before you pour it into his bowl, so you can gauge exactly how much water he’s drinking each day.

    Why Is Your Dog Drinking So Much Water?

    If you feel that your dog drinks too much water and you want to know if that is something you have to worry about, keep reading!

    Dogs are usually considered messy and fast drinkers, which means determining their daily water intake is a little challenging. Puppies, lactating dogs, and exceptionally energetic ones drink more water than the rest. Your dog will also drink more water in hot weather, which is normal for all animals. Others simply drink more because its a part of their diet. However, a dog drinking a lot of water can also be a sign of a health problem.Â