Why does my dog let my other dog eat first? Let’s Explore

Dog Won’t Let Other Dog Eat?

Why does my dog let my other dog eat first?

If your dog isn’t letting the other dog or dogs eat, this would be food aggression.

Food aggression develops in domesticated dogs as a resource-guarding behavior due to the environment they grew up in. Coming from a large litter, being neglected, or have been a stray are all possibilities for this behavior. In a traumatic environment where resources are scarce, being able to protect what you can get is a survival tactic.

Certain working-dog breeds may be more apt to food aggression as well, due to their guarding instincts.

Resource guarding is a very bad habit for a dog to develop and can result in serious injuries to other dogs or humans in the wrong situations. If possible, you should correct this behavior while they’re still young.

To correct this, make them know you’re the one in charge. Make the puppy wait before you put the bowl down. While they’re eating, pick the bowl up for 20 seconds or so a couple of times. This way, the dog knows that you can be trusted with their food and that they’ll always be fed and won’t be in danger.

Positive reinforcement, while they’re eating, works well too. You can add wet food or another treat to the bowl while they’re eating so they associate someone coming to the bowl with a positive outcome. When your dog lets you touch their bowl, pick it up, or move it, give positive reinforcement such as treats or praise to encourage that behavior.

Feeding Two Dogs At The Same Time?

Feeding more than one dog at a time can seem like a difficult task if both parties aren’t cooperating.

One of the things you can do to make sure your dogs eat at the same time is to just feed them in separate rooms. In separate rooms or separated by a baby gate, this will keep them motivated to finish their food. If they tend to wander before they’re finished, keeping them in the same place as their bowl will encourage them to finish it.

If your dogs are crate trained another way to feed them at the same time is to feed them in their crates. Similar to feeding them in separate rooms, this will keep them separate and keep the focus on the food.

What if my dog doesn’t finish his food?

If your dog is not eating, it may be a sign that the food is expired or has gone bad. … If giving your dog fresh food doesn’t help, wait a day or so, then take a visit to the local vet to get your pet checked. Make a note of any other symptoms that will help your vet get to the root of the problem.

Food Etiquette 05 – Feeding Multiple Dogs

Why is my dog waiting for the other one to enter the room before it eats? Why is one dog sitting back while the other chows down?

These questions may seem perplexing to us with our dinner time manners, but the habits of dogs are completely different from humans. Read on to find out more.