Why does my dog like to sleep behind my legs? What to Know

Reason 9: You May Be Encouraging Your Dog To Sleep Between Your Legs…Without Realizing It

Our dogs are always paying close attention to signals we may not even realize we’re putting out! That includes both positive and negative reinforcement so consider exactly how you reacted the first time your dog decided to snooze between your legs and how you react to the behavior now.

If your dog gets verbal praise, petting, or even a treat then they’ll most certainly keep the behavior going. The combination of finding a comfortable spot along with your positive reinforcement (even if it seems minor to you) is more than enough to keep your dog going.

So while positive reinforcement may not have started the behavior it can certainly turn a one-time sleeping spot into a routine.

Some folks will suggest that your dog’s drive to get close to you and sleep between your legs is related to separation anxiety and while that’s possible it’s far from the most likely explanation.

By definition, dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety are stressed when you leave. While they may show anxiety when you’re around or when they think you might be leaving soon, sleeping certainly isn’t how they’d express their anxiety.

Additionally, if you’re laying down on the couch or resting in your bed then that’s likely to be one of the most calming times for a dog suffering from separation anxiety! Instead of worrying about you suddenly walking out the door, they know exactly what you’re doing and understand that the risk of you leaving is low to non-existent- at least for a little while.

So while dogs with separation anxiety may also sleep between your legs, there’s a lot more to separation anxiety than finding a comfortable spot where your dog can feel your presence an d you’ll want to look at the big picture of your dog’s behavior.

Reason 5: Fear Or Anxiety Could Be At Play

If your dog usually sleeps in the corner of the room but decides to curl up between your legs during a thunderstorm then it’s likely that fear is at play. The same could be true for any loud noises or sudden changes.

However, fear could also run a bit deeper and if your dog is naturally shy then they may need the reassurance of sleeping between your legs to relax. Other dogs simply prefer to follow their owner around at all times, and while this isn’t necessarily a result of anxiety it can be.

This explanation usually makes the most sense if your dog suddenly wants to sleep with you and can’t seem to get close enough.

Go to another place

Whenever you see him approaching you, get up and go somewhere else. Start moving around so that he does not get a chance to sit or sleep. Gradually, you will be able to get rid of this habit of your dog.

why does my dog sleep between my legs | dogs sleeping position

It’s a common behavior for a dog to sleep between the legs of his owner. Usually, it’s a sign of affection and trust. Although sometimes it can be a sign that something is wrong.

So, even if it seems like a small and innocent behavior, it’s important to know the reasons behind it. This is why it’s relevant to ask ourselves the question: Why does my dog sleep between my legs?

Knowing the reasons why our dog does it, allows us to understand him better and be able to help him accordingly.