Why does my dog not let me stop petting him? Get Your Pet Thinking

Of course, just like people, our dogs all have their preferences of where they prefer to be cuddled. For some dogs, they love a good head scratch behind the ears or a nice belly rub. Most dogs don’t really mind where you pet them, so long as you give them cuddles and affection.

Physical contact is something that is equally as important to dogs as it is to humans. We love to be cuddled and shown affection, so it only makes sense that our dogs would enjoy it as well. And there are health benefits to it for both parties involved. In people, petting your dog can trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel happy since it lowers your pulse and eases circulatory strain. In dogs, having their owners pet them helps to relieve stresses and anxieties.

Does your dog ever get so comfortable with cuddles that it’s impossible to get away from them? How long have you had to pet your dog for before they relieved you of your duties? Let us know!

For one pooch in particular, he was not about to let his owner off the hook any time soon. His owner was scratching to pup on the chest which he was clearly enjoying. However, when his owner stopped, the dog took his paw and prodded him as though to say, “No you’re not done yet.”

And every time the owner tried to take his hand away, the same thing would happen. There was no getting away from the pup’s desire to have his chest scratched.

Why does my dog cry every time I stop petting him?

Dogs who whine for the sake of attention have often learned that they can get away with this behavior. … Once they’re done whining, you can reward this behavior by petting them or giving them a treat. The Anxious Dog. A dog who whines because they are anxious may need weeks to months of consistent training.

Why do dogs like being thumped?

Your dog likes to be stroked because it feels good, it is a form of bonding and it tells him you are his. Your dog likes to be stroked on his shoulders, chest and back of the neck, and he likes when you use slow firm hands in the direction of his fur. You can stroke your dog to bond and to reinforce desired behaviors.

Taco doesn’t allow me to stop petting him.

If your dog is continuously begging to be petted, including at very inconvenient times, it is your job as its owner and pack leader to let it know when the behavior is inappropriate. As long as you are patient and have a little extra time, there are some steps you can take to discourage and end this unwanted behavior.

Exercise your dog. When a dog has pent up energy, it may follow you around begging to be petted and for other attention. Just like people, dogs need aerobic activity every day — 15 to 30 minutes. Playing with your dog out in the yard, taking it to the dog park or going out for long walks every day are great ways to ensure your dog expends any extra energy.

Check your dogs diet. Your dog should be eating sensible portions of food each day so it doesnt build up extra energy from too much food. If you are unsure about how much you should be feeding your furry friend, use a dog food calculator such as the one found at DogFoodAdvisor.com or consult your veterinarian.

Give your dog a job. Dogs love to be given tasks because they perceive it as attention. If you spend a little time each day teaching your dog new commands and practicing the ones it has already learned, you can quench some of its need for attention. It might be less likely to beg to be petted at inconvenient times.

Ignore your dog when it begs to be petted at inopportune times. As easy as this sounds, it requires a lot of patience and follow through. There are stages your dog will go through when it is begging for this attention and you ignore it — its begging behavior will worsen, it will then be unsure its behavior is working and finally it will stop the behavior altogether. This process will only work if you stick to your guns and ignore the begging every time it is inconvenient.

Praise your dog when you want to pet it. When it is a convenient time to pet your dog and show affection, use positive reinforcement, such as verbally praising it or giving it a treat. This will let it know that it is okay to seek your attention at these times. Do not praise your dog when you are busy, such as reading the paper or visiting with friends. Soon your pup will be able to distinguish when petting is acceptable.

Alex Wolffe has been a freelance and professional creative and technical writer since 1991 and has been published in “InTouch” cancer magazine. Wolffe considers herself an expert in dog care, some music topics and certain cancers. She received her B.A. in English writing from SUNY Potsdam.