Why does my dog push open the bathroom door? A Complete Guide

Why does my dog push doors open?

Why does your dog open doors? Because she is curious. If you are smart and careful, and if you treat your dog with patience, you can put this curiosity to good use. Your dog will enjoy the chance to open her own doors.

Should I let my dog in the bathroom with me?

As long as they don’t show signs of anxiety, it’s perfectly fine to redirect your dog to another room when you need to use the facilities. But if you don’t mind having an audience, there’s no harm in letting your dog follow you into the bathroom. After all, you watch them poop all the time!

What to look for when buying a dog-proof deadbolt:

Deadbolts can act as an additional security measure to stop your dog from opening a door and escaping. They can add protection to a house and utilize a locking mechanism that can make it difficult for little paws to push.

When buying a dog-proof deadbolt, you need to consider the following:

1. Types of deadbolt locks

A single-cylinder deadbolt uses a thumb-turn lock. It requires a key on the outside of the house. It can be efficient because it secures your home with a single twist of the knob. It also makes it virtually impossible for dogs to push open the door when the locking mechanism is engaged.

A double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key for both inside and outside. It can be a bit fiddlier because it needs a key to activate the lock.

2. Keyless locks

Keypad locks usually require a numerical code to lock and unlock the deadbolt. This will prevent your door from opening the door but can prove tedious if a family member forgets the code or is in a rush.

Smart locks use Wi-Fi networks to lock the deadbolt wirelessly. They are easy to use and prevent your dog from opening the door.

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