Why does my dog roll around on her toys? Let’s Explore

What Does It Mean When Dog Roll on Their Toys?

Our dogs roll around on top of their individual toys or any such objects as a symbol of their ultimate happiness. Every dog is having their personal scent on definite objects or toys. Rolling on their toys means having an obsession to play and roll with them.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Roll on His Toys?

There are different sets of reasons why dogs roll on their toys. There are some points discussed below:

Why Does My Dog Roll Around on Smelly Objects?

It’s not also unusual, although quite uncharacteristic, for your dog to look for smelly objects and roll all over them. If rolling around on her toys and treats seems harmless, smelly objects are a bridge too far. A smelly toy, an old rag, or a pile of compost. These are the favorite targets for her to rub against repeatedly. It won’t be easy to get that smell off their hair. Here are three reasons our dogs do this:

If your dog is not happy with the way her body smells, she’ll try to cover that body odor with any other smell. And when it comes to odors, your dog’s nose is less discerning. She won’t care whether the smell she’s rubbing all over her body is a good one or an awful one.

This behavior goes back to the ancestors of the dog. Wolves on the hunt would camouflage their own scent by rubbing against a dead animal or rotting plants. This allowed them to approach their prey without giving themselves away with their wolf smell.

If your puppy has been to the groomer, they’re most likely covered with all kinds of perfumes from the shampoo and powder. These are not natural canine odors and she’ll get rid of them by rubbing against something that stinks but at least smells natural to her.

Why Do Dogs Roll in Smelly Stuff? | Dogs Rolling in Poop & Dead Animals

Why does my dog roll around on her toys? My dogs love to play, goof around, and come up with all kinds of antics. It’s part of their charm and what makes dogs… dogs. But sometimes my pup will take it a bit too far as she rolls on her toys or on smelly objects. Any owner knows the annoyance that arises when this happens. Especially when the toy is noisy and you just want some rest and relaxation! In this article, I’ll take a closer look at why our pets do this, and if it’s possible to stop!