Why does my dog sleep with his eyes open? Tips and Tricks

How Is a Dog’s Eye Different From a Human Eye?

Dog’s eyes are similar to peoples, but they do have some differences. Dogs do have sharper vision than most humans. Some dogs, however, are like people and do not have very good vision. They, however, do not wear glasses or contacts to help them see better.

Dogs have a third eyelid. This is another membrane that keeps their eye moist and wipes away any dirt or dust that can land on the surface eyeball. Humans have evolved away from having a third eyelid, because we are capable of wiping the dust from our eye with our hands while dogs cannot, thus requiring a third eyelid. A dog’s third eyelid is only capable of blinking when the eyes are closed and will retract when they open. What people are actually seeing when their dog is sleeping with its eyes open is usually their third eyelid.

Serious Snoozing

It’s not at all unusual for a dog to sleep anywhere from 12 to 14 hours each day. A puppy will often need 18-20 hours of sleep each day. Puppies often need to recoup after an exhausting day of playing, exploring your home and your backyard, or spending hours with a dog trainer. That’s a lot of hard work for a little pup.

dog sleeps with eyes open | Ultimate Pet NutritionAs it turns out, what a dog is bred to do can have a big impact on whether they sleep a lot. For example, a dog from working or hunting breeds (such as the Great Danes, Boxers, or Beagles) may stay awake longer. This is because they’re bred for certain tasks that require them to stay alert.1

Eating patterns can also affect how easily your dog can fall asleep. If your pet eats dog food once a day, they may take fewer naps. Dogs who eat twice a day may get to bed earlier, wake up earlier, and take more naps.2

Why Is my dog sleeping with their eyes open?

If your dog is asleep with their eyes open, they may simply be one of those dogs that sleeps like that occasionally. There are times when a dog sleeping with eyes open is a cause for concern, we’ll look at those in a moment. But they are unusual. Chances are, your dog is just doing what comes naturally to them.


Its not unusual for pet parents to find that their dogs sleep with their eyes open; after all, dogs sometimes do some strange things when theyre sleeping including twitching, or even doing running movements in their sleep!

While its common to see dogs take up various sleep positions – some stranger looking than others – what does it mean when you see that your dogs eyes have remained open during a snooze?

If your dog sleeps with their eyes open, or does some strange movements in their sleep, what might cause it? Is it normal for them to sleep with their eyes open, or is it a sign that your dog is sick? This article will explore common reasons why a dog may keep their eyes open during sleep and when you should be concerned if you see your dog sleeping with his or her eyes open.