Why does my dog want to go into the bathroom with me? Let’s Explore

They suffer from separation anxiety.

Some dogs can’t stand being away from their owner. Consider seeing your veterinarian if the need to stay near you causes stressful behaviors.

Should I be worried at all?

Overall, your dog being a stage-five clinger as you go number two is nothing you should be concerned with. It may get a little annoying, sure, but for the most part, it’s totally normal. However, if your pup seems genuinely distressed each time you decide to take a long bath, you may need to get them checked out by a vet or behaviorist. “Following you to the bathroom is not an indication of a serious condition all on its own,” says Dr. Coppola. “If your dog displays distress behaviors when separated from you, even for short periods of time like a bathroom break, this could be an indication of separation anxiety or separation distress.” Signs and symptoms of separation anxiety or distress include incessant whining, vocalizations, pacing, excessive licking, urination or defecation during your absence.

1 Dogs want to get to know their owners better

The way dogs get to know other dogs is by sniffing their bottoms. Since you are a member of its pack, your pet will try to sniff you when you sit on the toilet. So, it will consider your time there as an excellent opportunity to connect with you better.

My Dog Follows Me to the Bathroom: Now What?

If your dog is coming into the bathroom, the easiest solution is to just close the door. If a door is open while you’re occupying the room, your pup will likely intrude on the scene. It’s a matter of changing your habit when going into the bathroom. You can ease your pet’s mind by telling them to sit outside the door, that you’d “be right back”, and then reward them with a pat, praise, or small treat. This will usually give them a reason to stay seated and patient.

If your pet is suddenly following you around and to the bathroom, there are a few things to consider:

  • Have you been spending enough time with them for enrichment, attention, and exercise
  • Is there something in the bathroom that they like, like a plant, the water faucet, etc?
  • Do you think they are in pain? Many pets will follow their owner when they are ill or have pain, so call and have them examined by your veterinarian for peace of mind.
  • Have there been any major changes, such as a move or a new baby that makes them feel less secure?
  • Are they having other behavioral problems?
  • This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom. I Never Knew This!

    Living under the same roof as a dog is like having a second shadow that follows you everywhere. Dogs love to walk their owner from room to room and enjoy their presence. For them, intimacy is a somewhat abstract concept, if not nonexistent. But why do dogs follow us to the bathroom?