Why doesn’t my dog recognize my voice on the phone? Find Out Here

Can dogs recognize our voice on the phone?

While there isnt scientific research on whether or not dogs recognize their owners voice over the phone, the fact is that the frequency is different over the phone. Dogs dont hear your voice in the same way they would in person.

Additionally, dogs have a very basic Theory of Mind, which means they cant really imagine the mental state of others. Your dog could hear your voice over the phone, but he wont be able to put two and two together and know that the sound is coming from you.

Signs of Dogs Recognizing Voice over The Phone

Even though puppies are born deaf and don’t develop hearing until about the fourth week of life, they have a hearing range about twice that of humans. We have a hearing frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. This is the range of a younger person who has yet to lose any of their hearing range. As we age (along with other factors like listening to loud music, going shooting without ear protection, etc.), that range decreases. Humans can’t hear anything lower than 20 Hz or higher than 20,000 Hz. The actual frequency a single person can hear is unique.

Dogs, on the other hand, have a hearing frequency range of about 40 to 40,000 Hz. Forty thousand Hz consists of higher pitches. Dogs also have 18 ear muscles that allow their ears to maneuver in a way that helps locate the source of a sound. Our canine pals can also hear up to about 4 times the distance that we can as people. What we can hear at 20 feet away, they can hear at 80 feet away.

If a dog’s hearing hasn’t started fading with old age, it is very possible that your doggo will recognize your voice on the other end of a phone. Signs that your best furry buddy recognizes your voice over the phone can vary depending on the pitches that you use and the things you say. Upon hearing your voice, they will most likely become alert. They hear you, but know that you are missing; therefore, they aren’t sure where it is coming from. They may start whining, sniffing, and pacing as well because they cannot seem to locate you through smelling or seeing, yet they can hear your voice, so they are anxious and confused.

Your doggie may give you the following signs if they recognize your voice over the phone:

Other signs that your dog may show when recognizing your voice over the phone may include:

  • Raised Ears
  • Moving Ears
  • Wide Eyes
  • Head Tilting (Especially Depending On Your Tone)
  • Staring At The Phone
  • Nudging The Phone With Their Nose
  • Why does my dog not recognize my voice on the phone?

    So if you call your dog on the phone, remember to use a calm, positive voice. However, as with s on a smartphone or tablet, sound through these devices is compressed. Also, dogs’ brains don’t work the way ours do; sometimes, they can’t connect the face and voice on screen with the flesh and blood human they love.

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