Why has my dog started nesting? Let’s Explore

What Should You Do When Your Dog Is Nesting?

Nesting is typically nothing to worry about, but Tracey says that any sudden uptick in nesting behavior should be talked over with your veterinarian. If your pup is a little lady versus a little man, youll want to confirm or rule out a pregnancy.

“Especially if the dog is not spayed and is suddenly displaying an excessive amount of nesting behaviors, it would be best to visit the veterinarian to ensure she is not pregnant,” Tracey says.

If the nesting behavior is new, but youre not sure whether to characterize it as excessive, give it a couple of days. If the nesting is taking over your dogs routine and interrupting important activities like dinner or playtime, then its likely worth a mention.

You may also want to supply your dog with soft materials that you dont mind her using for her nest. If she starts by pulling off the couch cushions or dragging your comforter off your bed, put some old blankets, towels, or pillows in an easy-to-access spot and encourage her to use them instead.

Nests Are Comfortable

This is the most benign reason that your dog could make a nest. Whether you’re watching a chilly greyhound burrow into the blankets or a hot husky scratch out some cool dirt, nest-making is normal for many dogs. Some dogs are habitual nest-makers, arranging blankets and bedding to their liking almost every day. Other dogs might only engage in nest-making behavior when they’re particularly uncomfortable.

If your dog is male, this is the most likely reason that he’s building a nest. Spayed females who don’t have their ovaries anymore are also less likely to experience a false pregnancy. For the vast majority of dogs, therefore, nesting is no big deal. It’s just a sign of a smart dog making itself comfy!

That said, nest-making behavior that appears compulsive, stress-based, or pain-based is a cause for concern. Bring it up with your vet.

What Are The Signs Of A Nesting Dog?

Expecting canine mothers are not overly different than humans in the nesting drive. They want a safe space for birth and caring for their puppies. So, if Misty got out while in heat, and has begun nesting, you may soon have little arrivals. It’s very important at the moment when you wonder about your pup’s activities to also make a vet appointment to check things out.

If you ask around, you’ll find there are different ideas of what presents as nesting behavior in canines. But, for the most part, you may notice any (or all) of these:

  • Burrowing in the same spot, or in several small spaces
  • Moving their bed or blankets into a new location. When you move them back, they return the items again to the “safe spot”
  • Scratching at blankets
  • Swirling blankets to make what looks like a “nest”
  • Collecting small toys and taking them to a specific location
  • Over-grooming
  • Defending their newly created spot
  • Keep these in mind. If you’re not paying attention the changes could go unnoticed, or be considered a pup’s “whim.”

    Jelske is nesting | Signs that a dog is about to give birth

    Watching Misty cuddle into her blankets on a chilly night is truly adorable. But sometimes creating that blanket fort has more meaning than just cooler temperatures. Your dog may be pregnant or experiencing a false pregnancy. So if you have an unspayed female, it’s worth closer inspection.

    Just like people, dogs find a sense of comfort in warm, soft places. It doesn’t even have to be winter! This seems especially true of the giant breeds, who often illustrate habitual nesting. Other pooches may create space when they are anxious, stressed, or fearful. If you have a male dog, these are the two primary reasons for nesting, but if it goes on for extended periods it’s worth a phone consultation with a professional.

    In females, however, when nesting behavior changes from simply poofing up the blankets or rugs to shredding them, then you may have another issue on your hand. Misty may be expecting, or she may have other issues that require a vet’s attention.