Why is my dog foraging? Let’s Explore

How do I get my dog to stop eating sticks?

Introduce a heavy branch, one the dog cannot lift before working with sticks. Once the dog learns to ignore the logs, then work toward smaller sticks. Always set the training steps up on a way that you do not have to react with bad decisions. Drill exercises so it’s the dog being trained rather than the human.

Reward your dog for paying attention.

When you’re out on walks, in the yard, or anywhere your dog may be distracted by things to eat, make it worth their while to check in with you. When your dog looks at you, give them something amazing, such as a chunk of real chicken, a small piece of steak, or a bone to chew. In a world filled with interesting things to smell and eat, you have to offer items good enough to compete.Â

If your dog learns that you have special treats that only appear when you are in the great outdoors, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to you. They will also be more likely to respond when you say their name or ask them to “watch.” When you can reliably ask for and get your dog’s attention, you can do so preventively when you see something that may tempt them, thereby avoiding the problem altogether.Related article

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Make eating an adventure for the mind.

Dogs who inhale everything they come across often find searching for food and eating it to be the most exciting part of life. If you provide them with opportunities to indulge their drive to seek and consume, it helps take the edge off their desperate need to do so on walks. It won’t stop this behavior, but finding other outlets for it helps lessen the intensity, making it more likely that you can divert their attention with the techniques discussed above.

For example, feed your dog by scattering their kibble over a wide area. If you devote half of the kitchen to your dog’s dinner, they have to search for each piece, and that allows them to use their brain and nose at every meal. It also keeps them from eating their dinner in just a few seconds. You could also try making a snuffle mat, a homemade toy that lets dogs sniff out treats.

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