Why is my dog overly protective? Let’s Explore

Is Your Dog Possessive of You & Acts Out?

Most likely, you are going to be around other people and pets throughout the life of your dog. A protective and possessive dog can be a hindrance on enjoying your life to its fullest and make bringing your dog places difficult. If your dog acts out in an aggressive manner or makes your visits with friends and family uncomfortable, you’re going to want to assess and identify the issues at hand.

Why Is My Dog So Protective?

Essentially, your dog is protective of you because they perceive a threat. Perhaps there are times when the threat is real and the protection your dog offers is warranted. The problem occurs when your dog is going into protection mode all the time and for things that are clearly not a threat. There are often underlying problems or reinforcing behaviour that has caused this.

If your dog acts out towards a person or pet and you bring them close and comfort them to calm them down, you have just rewarded bad behaviour. If you laugh when they take an aggressive stance towards a cat, you have just rewarded bad behaviour. You need to assess your actions when your dog displays any of the signs discussed above. Rewards should only be given when your dog is in a controlled and calm state.

Aggression or undesired behaviour is not allowed. Period. You must use corrections to show your dog what behaviour they cannot do.

If your dog was not socialized properly as a puppy or did not have proper socialization continue into their adulthood they may see others as a threat.

It may seem harsh and stingy, but dogs need to understand that nothing comes free and that you are in charge. Once they understand the hierarchy and rules of the home, they will become less possessive.

While all dogs can benefit from dog obedience training, we’ve created a list of things that you can do at home to help curb some of the overprotective behaviors before they start hampering both your and your dog’s quality of life.

If you’ve found yourself with an overprotective dog, call our professional dog training specialists in Salt Lake City to set up an appointment today. We will train both you and your precious pup on how to behave, so everyone stays safe and happy.

All dogs, personalities, and life experiences are different, so there’s no catch-all reason for overprotectiveness. Sometimes it may even be a combination of several factors that makes your dog seem like he’s been possessed whenever the doorbell rings. Before you can address the behaviors, you should try to figure out the causes behind them:

We all want our dogs to be a little protective because that behavior keeps our families and property safe from intruders and other harmful things. However, protectiveness can become a problem when it gets in the way of normal activities like going on walks or visiting with friends. Left unchecked, it can be downright dangerous for you, your dog, and anyone you’re around.

Luke, The Over Protective German Shepherd Dog