Why is my dog restless at night? Find Out Here

Anxiety Can Cause Dogs to Get Restless at Night

Is your dog restless at night even though he’s getting enough exercise during the day? While activity can definitely help, canine anxiety can have many causes and may be subtle enough that some dog owners won’t necessarily notice. This can affect a dog’s sleep schedule and result in a dog who’s restless at night.

Talk to your dog’s veterinarian if medication is warranted, or even an appointment with a board-certified animal behaviorist. Also, there are calming supplements on the market that can be beneficial, but be sure to check with your vet first before you purchase anything to be sure if it’s safe and appropriate for your particular pet.

Why is my dog panting and restless at night?

Below are some other common causes of panting and restlessness in dogs during the night:

  • Stress or anxiety. This can be caused by upsetting events like loud thunderstorms or fireworks, or issues like separation anxiety.
  • Environmental issues. Puppies and senior dogs have a harder time coping with high nighttime temperatures, and dogs with untreated allergies often have disrupted sleep.
  • Pain or Discomfort. Dogs experiencing pain from an injury or a condition such as arthritis may exhibit nighttime panting and/or pacing behaviors. (e.g. injury, arthritis, allergies)
  • Canine Cognitive Disorder (dog dementia). Dogs affected by this disorder often have disturbed sleep-wake cycles and may exhibit excessive panting and restlessness.
  • Create a safe and comfy space for your dog.

    If you are like me, nothing compares to sleeping in your own bed. Here you have the perfect number of pillows that are arranged just right. The blankets are soft and the right thickness to keep you warm at night.

    The same is true for our dogs. A familiar, comfortable space may that is comforting for your dog may help him or her achieve a good night’s sleep.

    To help your dog relax for the night, establish a bedtime routine and make sure your dog has a comfy bed where your dog relax for the night. It is also important to place your dog’s bed in a location where he or she feels safe. Does your dog like to sleep near you or near the front door? Also, does your dog like silence or would he or she prefer background noise like calming music? Is there a special toy that could go to bed with your dog to help him or her feel more relaxed?

    By creating a safe and comfortable zone around your dog’s bed, he or she might be more relaxed and willing to sleep through the night.

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