Why is my Portuguese water dog shedding? A Complete Guide

3 Ways to Control His Shedding

It sure is frustrating when your Portie sheds more than what’s expected! And even if he sheds too low, you can still lower its rate to the maximum level. Simply follow these four surefire steps for shedding control.

As part of his grooming routine, regular brushing primarily takes off all his loose hairs right before they end up somewhere else. When a dog’s coat is left untouched for several weeks, a number of his hair strands might be just resting in his body, waiting to be combed out.

Do this a few times a week for your PWD if that works for you, but do so very gently so as not to harm his skin or cause breakage in his coat. Choose the right brush too. Here are some which you can consider getting for your pooch:

  • Bristle brush. This works for any coat type. While dogs with longer hair need a brush that is widely spaced, the ones with coarser furs need a stiffer bristle brush.
  • Comb. Rubber combs primarily massages your Portie’s skin and help remove all dead hair. This works best with dog breeds with short coats.
  • Slicker brush. Porties have at least two types of coats–a compact one and another that’s wavy. Even without the presence of an undercoat, he still may get tangles and matts. That’s when you need to draw out your slicker brush.
  • Additionally, you can bathe him afterward to remove more loose hairs. This reinforces the first step and you are guaranteed a fur-free home for several days.

    The coat is the window to his inner well-being. Aside from the dog food you provide, make sure you incorporate a few vet-prescribed food supplements that will aid him to have the best, healthy coat and well-moisturized skin. It’s a green flag if the supplement has vitamin E, A, C, minerals, and omega-3.

    Going back to the dog food, be meticulous about the ingredients it contains. Never purchase anything that is mostly composed of fillers, MSG, and preservatives. Your dog may feel full for a while, but he wouldn’t be able to have all his needed nutrients. In turn, his skin and coat conditions will be heavily affected.

    There’s a strong reason why you should never apply human shampoo to your PWD dog’s hair. He needs a different and more suitable formula as some products can be too harsh on his skin. Canine-appropriate shampoos are what he needs every time you take him out for a wash. If possible, you buy only those that are made from naturally derived ingredients.


    Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day Energy Level: Very energetic Longevity Range: 10-14 yrs. Tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low Tendency to Bark: Moderate Tendency to Dig: Low Social/Attention Needs: High


    Weight Range:

    Male: 42-60 lbs. Female: 35-50 lbs.

    Height at Withers:

    Male: 22 in.

    Female: 19 in.

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