Why would a dog’s tongue hang out? Here’s the Answer

Some dogs — maybe even your own — have a bizarre but adorable trait of sticking their tongues out all of the time. Sometimes it’s just the tip; other times their entire tongues are hanging out of the sides of their mouths.

Does your dog give you a permanent raspberry? Have there been any issues because of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Dogs’ tongues are pretty incredible when you think about it. Your pooch uses their tongue to to eat and drink, to help cool down their body, and, of course, to give you tons of slobbery kisses.

While this can be a harmless, endearing trait, it can also be a signal of underlying health issues. Here are four possibly reasons why your dog might be sticking their tongue out a lot.

A dog with their tongue out may be cute, but what does that ‘blep’ really mean?

Whether you first heard the term ‘blep’ on the internet (it is meme-worthy, after all), or are learning of it for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Bleps are positively adorable! Contents

The term started gaining online traction in the late 2010s, though it’s no less popular today. The common canine behavior it’s based on, however, is a habit as old as time: sticking out a tongue. Yep, a dog with its tongue out is enough to break the internet!

It’s pretty dang cute, after all, but it’s not always easy to figure out why a dog’s tongue is sticking out. Don’t worry though, pet parents–this is a great place to start! This is everything you need to know about bleps and what they mean:

Many medications can cause dogs to feel loopy and lose some mobility control. If they just got back from the vet, had surgery, or started a new prescription, then a lolling tongue may merely be the result of the medication.

But why is this such a typical behavior among dogs? What causes them to do it? Why do dogs stick their tongues out?

In most mammals, this behavior exhibits itself as a curled back upper lip, tipped back head, and general stillness for a few seconds.

Any dog – whether due to breed or deformities – that has a shorter snout than their tongue is long will have trouble keeping it in their mouth.

If your dog has an under or overbite, they may simply find it more comfortable to keep their tongue out of the way of it.

Why Does My Dog Stick The Tip Of His Tongue Out (Answered)

As a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed your pooch sticks his tongue out in a variety of situations.

Unlike humans, sticking their tongue out isn’t a sign of playful disrespect in dogs! Yet, there are many reasons why your dog may have his tongue hanging out, some of which are harmless.

For example, there are a few cases where your dog is trying to tell you he needs something by sticking his tongue out, or there may be a medical issue involved that requires professional attention.

Here are some of the most common reasons why dogs stick their tongue out, and what you should do about it.