Will A&D ointment hurt a dog? Here’s the Answer

Is the Ointment Safe for Dogs?

Will A&D ointment hurt a dog?

According to Dolores Animal Hospital, A & D Ointment is safe to use on dogs and other pets.

The hospital lists it as one of the human antibacterial ointments for scrapes and wounds that work for pets as well.

But like other human medications that work for pets, the answer to the above question isn’t completely straightforward.

We believe that there are instances when applying antibiotic ointments like A &D can help heal your pup’s cuts or wounds, and there are situations when it is not advisable or necessary to use them on your dog.

As Healthy Homemade Dog Treats, therefore, we strongly advise our readers to check with their local veterinarians before using any type of over-the-counter medications intended for humans.

Even if your vet gives you the green to use A & D ointment on your pup, there are still a few important caveats that you need to remember:

Deep Cuts

Other instances where A & D ointment would not be beneficial to your dog even if your vet allows you to use it is if your pup has deep wounds or cuts, bleeding heavily or has wounds that seem severe.

In these situations, we highly recommend visiting your vet or nearest animal hospital immediately for professional assistance.

Consider also taking the dog to a local vet if his wound doesn’t improve within a few days of applying A & D.


If the scrapes or cuts are located in areas that your dog can easily reach with his mouth, he may try licking the A & D ointment off, which not only defeats the purpose of using the ointment but might also make him sick.

One of the biggest concerns about ointments is that they can be irritating to the GI tract of dogs.

The ointment can also get in the lungs if the dog vomits it up, causing serious and even life-threatening aspiration pneumonia.

Licking will also make the scrape or cut you are trying to treat worse and allow more moisture and bacteria from your pup’s mouth to the area.

So, when you decide to use A & D ointment on your dog, only apply it on areas that your pup can’t reach.

Alternatively, cover the area with socks or use a cone or a cone alternative to prevent your fur baby from licking the area.

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