Will CBD Oil help my dogs joint pain? The Ultimate Guide

CLAIM: CBD can make dogs high – No

CBD for dogs with arthritis can help with inflammationIn the pet industry, all CBD is extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana. This helps guarantee that CBD products for dogs cannot cause a high. To remain federally legal, the hemp plants themselves must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the cannabinoid primarily responsible for creating a psychoactive effect when inhaled or eaten.

CBD for dogs with arthritis

Is your sweet senior pup slowing down? Do they seem stiff after walks or other exercises or reluctant to engage in their favorite physical activities?

If so, you will want to start with a visit to your veterinarian to find out what’s causing the slowdown. If your vet diagnoses your pup with osteoarthritis, you will probably search for ways to help them get the pep back in their step.

Osteoarthritis, often referred to as arthritis, is a common ailment, especially for older dogs and certain breeds. Unfortunately, it is also a progressive disease. Developing a treatment plan to slow the process and minimize symptoms is crucial.

Many veterinarians will prescribe NSAIDs for dogs with osteoarthritis. These may help your dog feel better, but as with any prescription, there can be some concerning side effects. For example, NSAIDs have been linked to renal damage in some situations. You will want to explore the pros and cons of long-term NSAID therapy with your vet.

Managing your dog’s arthritis is best accomplished by a combined approach that includes:

  • Pain management, which may include NSAIDs prescribed by a veterinarian
  • Gentle, low-impact exercises such as swimming and sniff walks
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements, including Omega 3 fatty acids and a glucosamine/chondroitin compound
  • Pet CBD for supplemental pain relief
  • Research on CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

    Veterinary research for companion animals is often behind the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest. Part of this has to do with the money needed to develop new drugs, which, in many cases, can only be found at pharmaceutical giants concerned mostly with human markets.

    Veterinary research on CBD oil for dogs with arthritis has also been hampered by the evolving legal status of hemp and other types of cannabis, which has made it difficult to obtain legal samples for study. Recentchanges to the laws regarding hemp may soon remove that barrier to researching the benefits this natural plant may have for our pets’ health.

    One of the most relevant studies that owners of dogs with arthritis should be aware of was conducted by the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 2018. Researchers administered a full-spectrum CBD oil to dogs with OA at an oral dosage of either 2 mg or 8 mg per kg twice daily.

    The dogs in the study were assessed before the trial began, as well as at two and four weeks into treatment. The researchers found that the 2 mg-per-pound dose effectively reduced the dogs’ visible signs of pain and significantly improved their activity and mobility.

    CBD for Dogs with Arthritis or Joint Pain – Does it Work?

    Arthritis and joint pain can wreak havoc on our dog’s quality of life. So what can be done to manage this? Is CBD good for dogs joint pain and arthritis? Yes! CBD for dogs with arthritis and joint pain can significantly increase mobility, decrease pain, and improve overall quality of life for your pet.