Will vinegar get rid of dog odor? Let’s Explore

Cleaning with vinegar neutralizes odors

Spray it in the air, around areas your pup sleeps or hangs out in, or simmer it in a pot on the stove. Or, add it to your laundry detergent or carpet cleaning solution. When the vinegar smell dissolves, so will the stink!

Sometimes the water bowl has that white buildup of lime and other minerals. The acid in vinegar helps break down that tough-to-remove substance. You can even add vinegar to your current dish detergent, and let the dishwasher do all the work.

The acidic nature of vinegar helps break down grease and dirt to clean glass doors and car windows. Pair with a squeegee, and you’re almost guaranteed a streak-free finish.

Why Is Dog Smell So Hard To Get Rid Of?

“Dog smells are hard to get rid of because there are a lot of causes behind them,” says Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian. “Oils in the skin, known as sebum, can emit an odor. Some dogs make excessive amounts of sebum and it gets onto everything in your house.”

Bonk says these oils and other things, like dog dandruff, are often difficult to remove from certain fabrics and carpets. “Bacteria and yeast that are normally present on your dogs skin and in their ears can cause odor,” she says. “Dogs also have an innate desire to mark everything with their scent. Some dogs will urinate on anything to claim it as their own.”

How To Get Rid of Dog Smell

Luckily, professional cleaning expert Bruce Vance of Town & Country Cleaning Services says dog smells are much easier to eliminate than cat smells, although dog owners often clean larger areas. “Dogs can release a lot of urine, and the spot on the carpet may be much smaller than the area in the carpet backing and pad where the urine has spread out,” he says.

Dont worry, though! There are remedies for all types of dog smells. Here are five tricks to try.

To use a handheld carpet steamer, fill it with warm water and solution (if applicable) and run it over the affected area. Some carpet steamers require a cleaning product, while others only use water. You can also make a cleaning solution yourself by mixing a few tablespoons of dishwasher liquid with hot water.

Make sure your carpet is completely dry, roughly an hour or two cleaning, before determining if it needs a second pass.

How to Remove Dog Odor. Help dog smell nice.

The struggle to keep a living space clean when you have a dog who loves to get dirty is real! So, what’s a dog mom to do? Cleaning with vinegar is the answer! This magic liquid is well-known for its ability to clean and disinfect. Plus, vinegar is a dog-safe household cleaner (unlike these household cleaners, which are toxic to dogs).