Would A Rottweiler Beat A Pitbull

Dogfighting is not legal but people still fantasize about matching up two dogs. One of the most fantasized dog fights would be between a Rottweiler and a Pitbull. So who would win – Rottweiler vs Pitbull?

A Rottweiler can easily beat a Pitbull. Rottweiler is larger, stronger, heavier, and has a stronger bite force compared to a Pitbull.


Both Pit Bulls and rottweilers give tough in competition to each other in terms of strength. Both breeds have large built, bulky bodies.

When compared in size and strength, a rottweiler is more strong and powerful than a Pit Bull. A Pit Bull is 17-20 inches tall and weighs around 20-30 kg.

A rottweiler, on the other hand, is 22-27 inches tall and weighs around 50-60 kg. Rottweilers have an upper hand in their size and weight. They can defeat a Pitbull.

Guard Dog:

A Rottweiler is a guard dog. He is mostly kept tied and is used to scare off unwanted elements. Rottweiler’s receive rigorous training and will easily attack others.

Pit Bulls are friendly dogs. They love and remain happy. A Pit Bull is more likely to socialize with a stranger rather than scaring him away.

This is why Pit Bulls are not considered as good guard dogs. They do not have an attacking nature whereas a Rottweiler is more likely to attack first. Due to their harsh training and fighting nature, they can beat a Pit Bull.


Why can a rottweiler beat a pitbull?

Pit Bulls are friendly dogs. They love socializing. This is the reason why Pit Bulls do not make excellent guard dogs.

On the contrary, a Rottweiler has an aggressive nature and is mainly kept as guard dogs. Also, they are more powerful than Pit Bulls and less likely to gel with a Pit Bull.

Moreover, a Rottweiler has more sharp canines than a Pit Bull. Below are the reasons explained in detail why a Rottweiler can beat a Pit Bull.


What dogs can beat a Pitbull?

In a nutshell, Rottweilers are stronger, but Pit bulls are more tenacious. Sometimes, that little bit of extra willpower makes all the difference in the world.